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Hello, my love! While, of course, I am a multifaceted and multidimensional being, as we all are... I specialise in self-love & embodiment coaching. My soul ignites through guiding people back home to themselves, into deep self-love and soul connection through sensual expression and embodiment.

I guide and work with my clients to build the foundations of self-love that is so radical, it is unshakable. It is embodied. 

I use a combination of modalities, including connection to breath, embodiment, movement as medicine and mindfulness to guide my clients, safely, into the parts of themselves they haven’t been willing to see and love them back to life. 

I am here to help people remember who they came here to be. My commitment is to live as my fullest self and constantly dive deeper into my expression and facets, so my clients feel safe and empowered to go there themselves. 

We often get so scared of judgement, rejection, abandonment, that we aren’t living in our fullest expression. Many of us never learnt how to express ourselves, let alone have a love for all parts of us! 

My purpose is to help people remember that they are love. To guide them to embody love. To remind them of what is possible. To connect them to their bodies, to their hearts and souls so that they can live, liberated in love. To be fully themselves, without the fear or the shame.

Love is everything.
Radical self-love is the start of living as liberation. To freedom.
Loving it ALL. EVERY. SINGLE. FACET. To know that your humanness is a beautiful expression of the spectrum of human life.

Self Love 
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“Embodiment is so much more than feeling epic, sexy dancing in your underwear! While it can be that, yes, and that in itself is divine. To me, embodiment is a vibration. A transmission. An energy. A pure expression of what it is to be fully ALIVE. To be embodied is to be grounded in your personal truth & integrity with radical self acceptance. It is not looking outside of yourself, yet rather knowing that you have everything you could possibly need and more within you. It is a remembering of who the fuck you are and the willingness to express in each moment, leaning deeper into truth and love. That is why I fucking love what I do. Witnessing that transformation is the most delicious gift!”

My Story

In 2016 I found myself on the banks of the Lago Di Argentina in Patagonia, barefoot, walking into the water, praying to God, BEGGING to feel something, anything.

I like to refer to it as my 'Eat Pray Love' moment.

Calling out to a power higher than me, asking for guidance, for connection, hoping something would hear my plea and rescue me from the numbness I had been feeling.



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My transformation

I went from numb, passionless, purposeless, desperate for more, to rebuilding the relationship with my body that I had numbed for so long, fully feeling the emotions that I had suppressed deep within, to feel free and liberated in my body, in my heart and my soul, to reigniting my passion my purpose, embracing my fire and my wildness (still dancing with that to this day, meeting it fully) and anchored into an insatiable longing for more. More expression. More purpose. More colour. More fullness. More liveness.

I went from:
"I feel empty and numb, I don't feel happy or sad I feel like I am just existing, floating through life with no real direction"
“I feel lost. Like I don’t have a purpose. Like I am in my life but I am not LIVING my life” 
“I feel lonely. I just want to be loved. To love and be loved in return”
“I feel guilty for saying no or doing the things that I want to do”
“I feel shame around my body, restricted in how it's ‘acceptable’ for me to move” Picking myself and my physical appearance apart.

I feel liberated. I feel free. I LOVE myself. I love my body. I am grateful for my body. I feel empowered and able to fully embrace all parts of myself. I accept myself and can love my shadow equally to my light. Embracing it with arms open wide and a willingness & humbleness to learn I can FEEL into my body, my heart and give myself what I need. I feel like the world is my oyster. I feel connected to my sexuality & my sensuality like never before. I speak my truth with clarity and love and value integrity deeply. Do I have it all figured out? Hell no! Do we ever?! Of course things still come up, it is the way of life, but how I meet them has changed dramatically, and I truly believe that is the difference between living a comfortable life and living an ecstatic life.


I spent YEARS, delving deeper into spirituality, rituals, habits, books, videos, meditation, journalling trying to uncover who I was. Learning the painful lessons that pushed me deeper and deeper into my purpose and passion (that I had begged for), learning the tools that would heal my broken heart. The lessons that our outer world, perfectly reflects our inner world, and how to harness that, how to witness that and how to truly love every aspect that shows up in my human experience. Six years of serious boots on the ground learning, personal growth, heartache and heartbreak to FINALLY get to a stage of compassion and love for myself. 

As a certified life coach and reiki healer, these are the foundations for my coaching & healing practices, along with the wealth of knowledge and learning from real lived experience and personal transformation. 

I am not here to tell you I am perfect and that my way is the only way, it is one of MANY, and if you relate or resonate at all with me or my story, then I would take it as a sign. Healing isn't a linear process, I still have things come up for me today, within every layer, there is a lesson, but I am willing to be an open book, to share with you the lessons that I have learnt, in the hope that they truly land for you and help you forge your path to reclamation and liberation.

The beauty isn't in the destination, it is in the becoming. The process. The journey. I am fully committed to each womxn I hold space for, whatever capacity we are working together in.  

My purpose is holding space, so that you can discover your inner healer, empowering you to face your fears, shine light into your darkness, reclaim your wild & primal sexuality, love yourself radically so that you may rise into your fully fierce and embodied feminine self. So you may shine more brightly in every aspect of your life. 

My passion is witnessing the journey of transformation to the reclamation of your authentic self. My heart bursts wide open every single time a client shares a download, realisation or unlocks a forgotten part of themselves. It fills me with joy to witness you re-connecting to your soul, your body and falling back in love with every ounce and essence of who you are, who you came here to be.

The joy, the love, the alignment, the wild, the freedom and the RISE, that is what lights me up. The witnessing of the unfolding & remembering.







Lara Raybone is an international self-love and embodiment coach from the U.K., who specialises in guiding womxn into self-love and liberation, through embodiment practices and feminine movement.

She specialises in playing with the polarity of masculine and feminine energy rituals and routines to rebuild and rediscover who you are.

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“One of the things I love the most about what I do is witnessing women embracing their wild feminine, the dark feminine. Delving into their shadows and loving them back to life.
It is so p o w e r f u l! Many are afraid to go there due to what we’ve learnt is acceptable, but this is honestly where the magic happens. How juicy to have the experience of being accepted for exactly who you are, no masks, no pretences, remembering you are love and that all of you is so fucking lovable!”

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