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Festival of Lights

Today is Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights ✨💫 This gorgeous festival celebrates a beautiful victory that gives hope to us all in times of darkness… It serves as a reminder of the victory of light over darkness, and the beauty in that. The triumph of good over evil… …knowledge over ignorance. 💛 So today, […]

Festival of Lights

sex witch

When I was 15, I branded myself as a witch, without realising. I got a tattoo of a 5 point star, right on my bikini line. Essentially, I branded myself as a sex witch! And here we are!! Sex Magic, crystals & sage – oh my! And the funny thing about tattoos that I didn’t […]

The Day I Declared Myself a Sex Witch

zen meditation

I recently took a zen meditation class, without knowing much about this specific branch of meditation practice. It was explained that with this practice, there is no goal. The objective is just to be.To be in the present moment.To witness the present moment. There is no failing or no way to be bad at meditation. […]

Zen Meditation

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