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what is self love

Self love is a revolution that’s taking social media by storm, but what does it really mean? What is self love? Much of the self love movement is focused around loving your physical body, just the way it is. This is such a beautiful thing in itself. Learning love and acceptance of our physical bodies […]

What is Self Love?

overcoming fears

When you let your head win the battle against your heart time after time again, you can start shutting yourself off to all of your dreams. You look at where you are in life one day and realise that the life you’re in, isn’t the life you’d necessarily dreamt for yourself. Then, the idea of […]

What are you running away from?

finding peace of mind

As time goes on, the more I value peace. The more I value that time just for me. I used to fill my time with busyness. Taking every single job that came my way, sometimes doing 2-3 jobs in a day. Filling my time. All the time. I was in full hustle mode! But at […]

Finding Peace of Mind

personal growth journey

Beyond the projections of the versions of yourself, you put out to the world… Who are you behind closed doors? When no one is looking? We wear many masks… A different version of ourselves exists through the eyes of each person we meet, encounter, enter into any form of relationship with… So how do you […]

How deeply are you willing to see yourself?

feminine energy healing

Kiss Me at the red lights, kind of love. That can’t get you close enough even though you are inside me, kind of love. The most intense ecstasy running through my veins just from you being inside me, kind of love. That ride or die, kind of love. That cocaine pulsing through our bloodstream, kind […]

A Poem: Love Addiction

spiritual growth

Would you not rather live through rose-tinted glasses and be consistently reminded of the good that exists in the world? Seeing the best in people means choosing to see the best in yourself. Some may call it naive and claim that there are awful people in this world, which to the outside world is true. […]

Send Them Love

the moments in between

Those in between moments…  The space between the goals, the to do lists, the relationships, the career moves, the adventures…  Those simple moments where nothing of note is happening, but you find appreciation in that space…  …in those feelings between the happenings..  those moments…  the space..  …The in between…  The small things and the present […]

The Moments In Between

finding freedom

Freedom… What does that look like to you? What does it taste like? Smell like? How does it move? How does it feel? Does it feel like snowflakes melting on your skin? The sound of snow crunching under each footstep? Does it taste like salty sun-drenched skin, frolicking barefoot on white sandy beaches as the […]


zen meditation

I recently took a zen meditation class, without knowing much about this specific branch of meditation practice. It was explained that with this practice, there is no goal. The objective is just to be.To be in the present moment.To witness the present moment. There is no failing or no way to be bad at meditation. […]

Zen Meditation

movement medicine

Get out of your head & into your body. It can be so easy to get stuck in your head, to overthink and to run things through your mind. Constantly analysing every possible outcome or consequence. When you really break it down, you start to realise that this doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t help, it […]


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