Private one on one coaching is for the woman wanting to get intimate with herself to create wild transformation and epic changes in her inner life, which then reflect in her outer life. 

I guide my private clients through a process of inner exploration, healing guiding them deeper into self-love and embodiment.

The gift of one-on-one mentorship is that, as your guide, I operate as a mirror and your safe space. I reflect back to you the parts of yourself that perhaps you have not seen before, or even explored before. What you see in me, is within you, and it is my honour and privilege to be able to reflect that back to you. To help you to see every aspect, shadow and light, and guide you into a deeper love of these parts, allowing them to inhabit your body, so your entire being comes alive. 

The benefits of on-on-one are having a loving and safe space, to explore the unexplored. To face your darkest shadows, to shine your brightest light and learn how to embody it. 

While the tools that I use in our sessions range from breath, sound, embodiment, movement, energy, pleasure & expression, the journey is guided by what is present, by what is ready to be uncovered. I use my intuitive gifts to feel you, to see you, to hear you, to guide you deeper into the parts that are yearning to express, be loved, thrive & come alive.

This journey together starts at a Three-month commitment.


My work has been guided by my own personal journey into my embodied liberation through deep self love & radical acceptance... I see you and feel you because at one point, I was you. I remember how I felt at each moment along my journey and it is my absolute mission to help women to come alive within their entire being, free to live the life of their dreams, to dance through life with an open heart, tuned in and turned on...


Sensual Embodiment?


1. a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling."she seemed to be a living embodiment of vitality"

2. the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.

Embodiment at its most foundational definition is to give form to a feeling, an emotion or an idea. It is something that comes naturally to us on a primal level.

Embodiment is a coming home to the wisdom of the body, tuning into the body’s energy, frequency, all of the emotions and sensations, exploring them, expressing them and moving them through the body.

It is the process of giving the non-physical expression and form. Empowering the body to speak.

This processing can be done through, sounding, movement and breath which are all tools I use in my programmes and with my clients. Relearning how to trust the body and its complex processing system, and lean into our primal instincts of moving energy through the body.

It is a path to liberation within your own body and your expression through your full bodied sensory experience. 


So often when it comes to spirituality, we focus on ascension and accessing higher realms of consciousness through spiritual practice & meditation whereas embodiment is a descent into the body, the grounding of that beautiful bliss energy, into our physical experience. It is about accessing and integrating the ecstasy, spiritual heights AND all the facets of our human experience and relishing in it.

The human experience we are all here to have is filled with polarity, which creates soooo much juicy space for growth and expansion. From my own personal experience, the more I can hold, honour and be fully present with myself in my darkest moments, the more capacity I create for love, ecstasy, bliss and joy.

This reclamation of ALL aspects, not just the love & light and positivity but really leaning into a form of self love that goes beyond bubble baths and facials, and stepping into radical self acceptance, is where we get our power back.

Because we then stop running from ourselves. Imagine how exhausting it is to have parts of ourselves that are running from other parts, trying to stay hidden, all within our psyche…

Through connecting to our true essence, our divine nature and remembering that it is all perfect, to be able to see it all through the eyes of love, without making any part wrong, that is where self-love gets taken to a whole new level entirely.

The body is a highly advanced, high tech vessel that is filled with instinctive wisdom. We haven’t learnt to truly listen to those oh so subtle sensations, that tell us everything that we need to know in each moment, and guide us more deeply and accurately into love in each moment.

The female body runs on cycles and natural rhythms which echo the cycles and rhythms of the earth. The female body is a representation of the Goddess herself. How can we get intimate with these seasons and embrace the cycles of emotions that ebb and flow? When we reclaim our body's wisdom, empower it to be our guide, trusting its innate intelligence to process what we need to process, we regain our power. 


This is for you if...

You are yearning to come alive in your body, your heart & soul.

You desire to live each moment, fully alive & present.

You crave feminine expression, in all forms and wish to be seen in every facet.

You want to love yourself, truly, madly, deeply.

You want to expand past your perceived limits of yourself, who you are...
And fully embody who you came here to be...

Liberated & embodied

What is included?

For a deep & embodied transformation I believe it is important to work on many layers to integrate both mind and body.

This 4 month container with weekly 90 min live sessions include additional support tools & practices between sessions to help with that integration.

This is for if you really want to go work more deeply in the realms of sensuality & empowerment, to fall in love with yourself & become more deeply embodied, liberated & expressed.

You will receive additional support for your journey in the form of:
A Breath-Work Membership.
Voxer office hours support Mon-Fri.
A Portal of Practices & Resources.
Weekly Expansion Exercises.
Recordings of our Live Sessions.
Monthly Integration Week.
Playlists to accompany Practices.
Access to all Programmes for the duration.


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