Hello Goddess.

Welcome home.

This community is where you’ll come back to yourself.

Where you’ll find the womxn you’ve been looking for.

This is my monthly membership for your heart and soul.

A sacred circle of soul sisters coming together as a collective, to dance, to journey, to personally grow, to spiritually develop and - most importantly - to connect.

It’s a soulful space for you to feel held - not just by me, but by the womxn worldwide inside.

The Goddesses around the globe who get it… and get you.

If you’re craving community - to not just fit in, but belong, in a circle where everyone’s into the same things as you… then Sisters of Soul is for you.

Consider this your cordial invitation to join us.

Will you?


The monthly membership program for womxn wanting to embody the divine feminine and reconnect to themselves and to others in mind, body and spirit.

"I am the bridge between heaven & Earth.
I am fully human and fully divine."



Who is this for?

If you…

• Feel detached - from your body and from your heart and soul - and want to reconnect to yourself, to others, and to spirit...

• Feel discontented by your current reality - and yearn and long for more...

Deny yourself of pleasure - sensual and sexual pleasure, but also from food, from culture, from being out in nature...

• Are looking for someone to grant you permission to be yourself, in your fullest expression, fully emotionally exposed...

• Feel lonely right now, because the womxn around you don’t fully understand, or unconditionally love and support you...

• Feel frustrated, like you’re being silenced from speaking your truth, or kept in a cage, restricted from roaming wild and free...

• Are lacking self love and acceptance, and ache to see yourself in the way you see others and show kindness and compassion towards yourself...

• Are feeling Isolated from yourself or others - because you’re increasingly feeling like you don't fit in, like old friends just don't 'get you' anymore...

• Hunger for deeper and more meaningful relationships with others, romantically, but with your friends and family members too...

• Thirst for more fulfilment and satisfaction in your job or business, because right now you don’t feel 100% in alignment...

• Crave the ability to share your thoughts and feelings with others, in a safe, supportive space...

• Or the ability to think straight and feel much at all - because you’re always numbing out with something or other, whether that’s drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping or the TV...

...and want to get back into your body, to drop out of your head of thinking and into your heart of feeling and finally finally live a life that’s as delicious in reality as it is in your hopes and dreams - then Sisters of Soul is for you...


Who is this not for?

Sisters of Soul is not for you if you…

Aren’t on, or don’t plan to be on, a path of personal development and spiritual growth as that’s where we’ll be directing our focus

• You have no interest in healing the wounds that are causing you pain and trauma, because in this membership program we will be delving deep

• You haven’t the time or energy to dedicate to overcoming the obstacles that are getting in the way of you living your most mind opening, heart expanding, and soul nourishing life (we’re all about breaking through blocks and barriers here)

• You aren’t open to trying out dance as medicine, as we will be journeying a lot through movement in this membership

• You aren’t ready, willing or able to open up to others, because the Priestesses in this program are looking to create connections that will not just make a difference, but go the distance


Look, if you related to/resonated with any of the above, then this is the membership program you need to be a part of.

I have every faith and trust that there’s no better mentor for the Goddess described above… than myself!

I see you. I hear you. And I understand you… because I was you.

In December 2014, I ended a long term relationship with a man who loved me truly, madly and deeply and whom I thought was my forever person.

The problem... was that we couldn’t communicate.

I couldn’t express my thoughts and feelings, and was scared to articulate my deep desires as I feared my wants and needs would not be met.

I made the choice to walk away from safety and security because something inside me was crying out for more - begging for more.

I longed and yearned for more passion, more purpose, more satisfaction, more fulfilment, more fun, more freedom, more adventure - more, more, MORE.

I craved a cosmic connection with someone that was earth shattering. That was out of this world.

And I craved work - a job, a business - that set my soul on fire, even if it burnt everything I knew to the ground.

I didn’t just feel like SOMEthing was missing I felt like EVERYthing was missing.

And I know that if you’re still reading this right now, you’re the same.

We’ve been raised, in Western Society, to want for nothing.

That we should be grateful for what we’ve got.

That we should be ashamed of asking for more.

But I’m not.

And nor should you be.

You can be grateful for what you have AND yearn and long for something deeper, something more meaningful, to want and need to make your hopes and dreams manifest.

I did a lot of work on myself.

A ton of work on myself.

Because at times I found myself in various states of anxiety and depression, wondering when the hell I was going to get into alignment.

When was I going to find myself, find my way and live a life that was actually mine and not someone else’s.

In 2016, I had my Eat, Pray, Love moment. I remember being on the banks of the Lago Di Argentina in Patagonia, bare foot, walking into the water, praying to God, BEGGING the Universe to help me - to heal me. And... she did.

My intuition showed me what to do, and how to be, and fast forward to the present day, to 2020, I’m much further along my journey.

I’ve gone from numb to feeling, disconnected to embodied, self hate to self love

...and you can too.

I knew that my transformation could have come about that much quicker and easier if I wasn’t all alone, though.

If I’d had advice, guidance, love and support.

If I was shown the content to consume, and been a part of a community.

And so I created Sisters of Soul.

To give you what I needed.

What you need.



Hear what other soul sisters who’ve worked with me have to say…

Sandy, UK

 "The energy felt in a women's circle can be very powerful and the way Lara guides the experience is just incredible. The sharing sessions felt so natural. Lara's voice to guide meditations is just so peaceful and intentional. The dance was so much fun and reminded me how needed it is to really be present and use movement to feel free. .”

Meet your creatrix...

Hello angel, I’m Lara - the mystical, magickal creatrix of Sisters of Soul.

If you’re not familiar with me or my work, I’m a sensual embodiment & self love coach. My passion and purpose is helping people in disconnect from their bodies, but also their hearts and souls, FULLY grow and develop into their highest version of themselves.

I help womxn break down the barriers that are getting in the way of them knowing and understanding themselves, loving themselves and living their fullest life.

I am of service to help womxn just like you, just like me and just like she cut through the conditioning, interrupt and disrupt the patterns, and break the bad/unhealthy habits that are keeping them stuck in a loop of not doing enough, not being enough and not having enough.

I make it my mission to bring love, connection and abundance to all, and do so my equipping my soul sisters with the tool kit full of techniques I have spent years curating and creating, to navigate their way through the ashes and rise, like a phoenix, into their fullest expression of self love.

I thought you might ask that, my love.

Sisters of Soul is a monthly membership for the womxn who wants for her divine feminine to roam wild and free and be fully expressed inside a sacred container, which provides the stability and structure (the masculine) to allow her to do so.

It’s for the womxn who wants to hone her creativity.

It’s for the womxn who wants to develop her intuition.

It’s for the womxn who wants to explore topics like the movement of body, the shifting of energy and the working of breath... sensuality, sexuality, wealth and abundance, manifestation, magnetism, self pleasure, body acceptance (and worship!), radical self love, astrology, crystals, holistic healing, Tantra, magick, shadow work, masculine and feminine energies, healing wounding, emotional transformation and inner alchemy.

Maybe you’ve dipped your toe in the above but want to get fully submerged with other womxn worldwide who are into the exact same things that you are?

Or maybe you haven’t immersed yourself in these things at all, but want to. Perhaps you don’t know where to start, and are thinking about and feeling into the idea of working with a mentor?

If either of the above resonate, then Sisters of Soul is for you.

Not only will this kind of content be available to you.

So much more will be too (all to be revealed super soon).

More importantly than anything else, though, you’ll find friends in the members living all around the world.

They are your people.

We are your people.

And what you’ve been seeking, has also been seeking you.

In there soul sisters are gathering from all over the globe, to share the reads they recommend, the podcasts they’ve picked out, the webinars they’ve watched. These womxn are meditators, journallers, crystal collectors and card pullers.

These womxn dream big and aim high. They set goals with soul and take action steps to work towards them each and every day.

They share their thoughts and feelings freely, and hold space for other people in the circle to share theirs.

These womxn are love and light, but they also see the importance of shadow work.

Of going inward, of doing the internal work necessary, to bring about the external hopes and wishes they deeply desire.

These womxn are into feeling. These womxn are into healing. And these womxn are in there - why aren’t you?

If you’ve felt drawn to this movement or myself, and are considering answering that call, I strongly urge you to do so.


Because I care about your transformation.

And I know that your enrolment in this membership program will facilitate a really powerful one for you.





I am truly grateful for my experience with Lara. She has helped me awaken my inner child and feel so connected to myself. From the very first time she made me feel safe and whole.  My experience was so powerful and i feel blessed to be part of your guidance.
Thank you so much Lara!

Eftychia - UK

Dance with us.

Sing with us.

Laugh with us.

Cry with us.

Feel with us.

Heal with us.

And expand and evolve with us today.

We’re waiting to welcome you with open arms inside, angel.

If you’ve been feeling called to explore more embodiment, divine femininity, sensuality, sexuality and all things mystical and magickal, but haven’t known where to start - then I’d love nothing more than to show you the way.

In the Sisters of Soul monthly membership, we’ll be diving deep into it all and more through workbooks, workshops, ceremonies, rituals, practices, talks with guest Goddesses and MORE.

Push the button below to fully immerse yourself in it ALL.


What can you expect?

This monthly membership for your mind, body and spirit has been designed with your personal development and spiritual growth in mind.

By joining this community, you are making the commitment to step into your fullest, most expressed version of yourself - not just the love and light, but the shadow too.

We are here to radically love ourselves, and rise together.

We are here to reclaim our divine feminine energy (and the power it gives us), and empower one another to take back their sovereignty as well.

For £266.64 for the six month sign up (less than one pound fifty a day!) you are sending out the message to the Universe that you are devoted to levelling up, in each and every aspect of your life - from learning, to growing, to healing... to sharing and to baring.

Not only will you unlock access to a wealth of curriculum content, with contributions made by incredible and inspirational womxn all around the world who are experts in their fields and authorities in their spaces, you will be a part of an amazing community too, creating connections and forming friendships with soul aligned sisters.

Sisters of Soul is a space where you can be wild, untamed, unencumbered and - more importantly than anything - be loved, accepted, and CELEBRATED for it by the support system you’ve been waiting for your whole life!

As I said earlier, when you join, you will unlock access to juicy curriculum content centred around personal development and spiritual growth.

But what’s more - each and every one of the resources will be stored safely and securely for you to come back to at any time.

There is no falling behind in here, nor is there any catching up.

I don’t want you to feel anxious or overwhelmed about doing the work in a particular order or according to a particular time frame AT ALL - the feminine is not order, she is chaos, she is not logical, she’s intuitive…

...and so I’ll leave it up to you to intuit what you feel most called to work on and when.






What is included?

Okay, so let’s get grounded shall we, my love?
Here’s a sneak peek into all the deliciousness inside your monthly membership.


Every month, on the New moon, we will meet in virtual circle, celebration and ceremony.

We will meditate together, dance together, sing together, release to call in & create space in our body and field for the new energies to flood in.

Each circle we will work with the energies of the moon - embracing the natural death and rebirth cycles of life and tuning into how we can harness the energies of lovely Luna, to step into our power.

These practices are a safe space to be fully expressed and unencumbered, and the tools and techniques shared in them will serve you day in day out in being wild, free and walking in your sovereignty.

Dropping our of the mind and into the body, practicing FULLY feeling and connecting with our deepest self.

Every month, we will welcome a guest experts into our sisterhood to cover all topics, from money and the masculine, from shadow work to sex, expression and all things self love.

These Goddesses are here to be of service to support you in living your highest truth. To be authentic, to be in integrity, and to grow personally and develop spiritually whilst doing so.

Every month we will have a sharing circle to integrate & share what is present, what we have been moving through, to open up and be seen and heard by our Sisters of Soul.

The sharing circle really is the key to the beautiful sisterhood and such a potent portal for healing and connection.




 (Value £111)


 (Value £245)

 (Value £222)

You will get first access on retreats, live workshops and events as well as additional exclusive event offers.

But - above all - you will be lovingly supported throughout, by myself, and the other Sisters of Soul.

You will also be cordially invited to join my Facebook community, exclusive to those with a Sisters of Soul subscription.

In there, you’ll create connections and form friendships to last a lifetime, with sisters that couldn’t be any more soul aligned!






The energetic exchange for this, is just £44.44 a month…

If you feel guided to step inside - please do.

Your intuition knows the way back to yourself and to others.

This is a 6-month sign up as we believe that for a transformation to be permanent, devotion is needed to support your feminine desires, which is why we honour a 6-month commitment to the container to hold the space for that metamorphosis to occur.

I'm answeRing the call

The official bio...

Lara Raybone is an international self love and embodiment coach from the U.K., who specialises in guiding womxn into self love and liberation, through embodiment practices and feminine movement. She specialises in playing with polarity of masculine and feminine energy rituals and routines to rebuild and rediscover who you are.

With a background in dance and performing arts, life coaching and reiki healing she has the education and experience to equip people with the tools and techniques to transform self love, worth, passion, purpose, love and connection to mind, body, heart and soul.

She has led feminine embodiment movement workshops for some of the best in the personal development and spiritual growth business, including one for bestselling Hay House author Niyc Pidgeon, a positive psychologist.

Lara has been invited to speak in front of a number of other people’s audiences, on her zones of genius: masculine and feminine energies, embodied movement and emotional healing.

She offers online workshops and live retreats worldwide, as well as accepting limited applications for 1:1 coaching. She is devoted to serving her community to the best of ability on all levels, and does so through this Sisters of Soul membership, making the rituals, routines and practices she has acquired over the years of personal and professional experience accessible and available to all.


As I vulnerably shared earlier, I created this sacred space so that other people could connect to their heart, their soul, their vision, their mission, and other people like romantic partners, friends, family members and so on far more quickly and easily than I was used to.

I know exactly what it’s like to be lonely - to not FEEL loved unconditionally and supported by yourself or others.

And I know what it’s like to be detached from your feminine, from your mind, your body and spirit.

The energetic exchange for this, is just £44.44 per month.

If you feel guided to step inside - please do.

Your intuition knows the way back to yourself and to others.

This is a 6-month sign up as we believe that for a transformation to be permanent, devotion is needed to support your feminine desires, which is why we honour a 6-month commitment to the container to hold the space for that metamorphosis to occur.

I'm answeRing the call

"I wasn't expecting to work through as many emotions and release as much stagnant energy as I have, but I am so grateful! Lara was so kind, compassionate and loving throughout our session together and I cannot wait to book in with her again. She's got an incredible gift of holding space for others while remaining fully present and that is rare to find. I wish everyone could experience and benefit from a session with Lara, I know that it would change the world!"

Tereza UK


Let's talk Astrology...North node?
Aquarius, which is why I’m all about creating an online community - that’s what the 11th house (which Aquarius rules) concerns itself with!

Big three?
Libra sun, pisces moon, Sagittarius rising (yes, an emotional, creative, intuitive and passionate soul... seeking love, freedom and adventure!)

Human design?
Manifesting Generator

Dancing, singing, painting, poetry, NATURE, being nude, the moon and stars, exploring energetics, intimacy, elixirs and potions, holistic healing, natural remedies, the sand, the ocean, forest bathing, desert dancing, animals, dressing up, walking barefoot, crystals, meditating, journaling, ancient cultures, pole/erotic dance.

Feeling detached (connection means everything to me - hence the Sisters of Soul membership), not growing or developing, staying stuck.

Professional accreditations?
Reiki Healing I and II! Certified Life Coach. 

Spirit animals?
Currently a panther, a dragon and of course, a PHOENIX.

Matcha tea (or an oat milk flat white, but forever searching for the perfect one!) and cacao.


See yourself in me?

Then I’d be so honoured if you made me your mentor.

fully exposed!

The energetic exchange for this, is just or £44.44 a month...

If you feel guided to step inside - please do.

Your intuition knows the way back to yourself and to others.

This is a 6-month sign up as we believe that for a transformation to be permanent, devotion is needed to support your feminine desires, which is why we honour a 6-month commitment to the container to hold the space for that metamorphosis to occur.

I'm answeRing the call

Carly UK

"Lara is such a warm, nurturing soul who held space for an amazing group of like minded women, allowing us the much needed time to meditate, reflect, connect and move our bodies with flow-full feminine power, strength and grace.
I loved the sense of community, familiarity and sisterhood that flowed throughout the space. 
 I feel refreshed, connected and alive! I highly recommend Lara to any woman wanting to come back to herself and sisterhood. Lara, thank you so much, can’t wait for the next time xx"


I don’t
have a ton of time and energy. What happens if I fall behind?
In Sisters of Soul there is no falling behind and nor is there any catching up. This has been designed with your personal development and spiritual growth in mind, and as everyone’s journey is different, there aren’t any deadlines to hit, boxes to tick or hoops to jump through. Feel free to trust your intuition, and work on what you feel called to, at your own pace in this safe space.

I’m worried about money given this global pandemic. What happens if I miss a payment?
If you miss a payment, your access to the community and content will be revoked, but I wholeheartedly have kindness and compassion for everyone during these uncertain times, and so I have a helpful cancellation policy for those who may struggle to keep up with the payments.

Can I cancel at any time?
When you sign up on the 6 monthly subscription, you can cancel after 6 months, by contacting suppport@lararaybone.com. 

Am I represented in Sisters of Soul?
Without a shadow of a doubt. In Sisters of Soul we don’t discriminate by age, sex, gender, race or religious/spiritual preferences. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, and prejudice is not tolerated by anyone on my team, or inside the community.

My time zone is not the same as yours - what if I can’t make a live? Will I miss out?
All live calls are recorded and uploaded so that if you are unable to make one, you can watch the replay at a time that’s more convenient for you!