Embody sovereignty as the Empress of your sexuality & internal empire.

An Empress is a Woman who reigns supreme over an empire, she knows herself, deeply attuned to her body & soul...

Unafraid to fully meet herself. Because my love, knowledge is power.

She knows her blindspots and navigates them with tenderness, intimacy & grace. 

Blasting her heart wide open to receive more, to feel more. More pleasure, more joy, more love.

She expresses herself and speaks her truth unabashedly, fully empowered.

She is embodied. 




This program is a homecoming to your feminine heart & expression through your senses and embodied reality.

For the women wanting to fall deeply in love with themselves, over and over again.

For the women who desire to be deeply met in love, to be fully seen, heard and accepted in their entirety.

For the women who are unafraid to meet themselves.

For the women wanting to step into their wild, their untamed, their unencumbered nature.

For the women longing for freedom of self and sexual expression.

For the women wanting to unleash their Divine Feminine power and embody it as a magnetic force to call in your deepest desires.

For the women wanting to move through life as the Empress that you are.



- You are already exploring what it is to be in your feminine energy and want to take it a layer deeper.

- You have an awareness of masculine & feminine energy, both divine & wounded, and you want to transform it from an understanding, to an embodied experience. Empowering you to take accountability & heal around the spaces of wounding.

- You have started using dance & movement as part of your life, but you want more.
Or perhaps you have the desire to dance & play more in your body, but there is something holding you back that you can’t quite put your finger on.

- You want to learn how to use your sexual energy for emotional alchemy.

- You want to connect with your sexual energy, your body and feel like a Queen.

- You have a tendency to either be fully in your masculine energy OR in your full feminine, balancing & playing between them proves to be difficult.

- You are super focused and driven in your business & giving to others, but want to open up to receiving more.

- You have noticed behavioural patterns within yourself, that you can see, but you are not sure how to transform them. You know they are there but aren’t sure why or how to shift them.

- You have a complicated relationship with the masculine. Perhaps the men in your life aren’t stepping up and leading in the way you would like them to. You feel the pressure is on you to lead.

- You feel jealous or insecure when you are in the presence of other women who are shining their light. You want to be able to cheer them on, but there is this involuntary triggering happening that you want to address.

-  Perhaps you just want to come and play in my field… To dance & alchemise & integrate on a whole new level.

- You feel like you’ve given your power away over time and you want to reclaim it.
You feel like you’ve lost your identity to your relationship.

- You’ve felt obliged to have sex in your relationship, not feeling powerful or connected to your own desires and able to speak you needs.

- You’ve felt like you need a man to complete you.

- You struggle with intimacy, feeling like it's unsafe or undesirable to be vulnerable as you perceive it as weak, or like you always have to have your shut together.

- You don’t feel worthy to be seen or heard, keeping yourself to yourself.
Sometimes you feel like a prisoner in your own body, you meditate and feel connected to Source, but want to anchor the bliss into your 3D reality.

-You feel judgemental towards yourself, your body, your expression, and find yourself judging others too, but you hate the feeling of judgement, it brings up guilt & shame.

- You’ve ever repressed your sexual energy or sexual expression.

- You’ve made yourself smaller to make others feel more comfortable.

- You have a deep longing to feel love, within yourself and in your relationships.
You find yourself seeking external validation, yet fear rejection.

- You struggle with boundaries, and have experienced codependency on some level in relationship.

- When you feel out of control you find yourself self sabotaging, being destructive, chaotic & non committal.

- You fear abandonment and so self sacrifice to hold onto love.

- You have noticed that you are inclined to manipulate situations for your own gain.
You neglect yourself first when you get busy with work or family.

this is for you if...

Meet your creatrix...

Hello my love, I’m Lara - I am honoured that you are here.. 

If you’re not yet familiar with me or my work, I’m a sensual embodiment & self love coach. My passion and purpose is helping people in disconnect from their bodies, hearts and souls, to fall head over heels back in love with themselves, to see their divinity and to embody their sovereign self.

I help womxn break down the barriers that are getting in the way of them knowing and understanding themselves, loving themselves radically and living their fullest, most feeling & pleasurable life.

I am of service to help womxn identify the conditioning, interrupt and disrupt the patterns, and rewrite the stories that are keeping them stuck in a loop of not doing enough, not being enough and not having enough. Because, my love, you are MORE than enough, you always have been, you simply may have forgotten.

I make it my mission to bring love, connection and embodiment into daily practice, so that womxn can navigate their way through the ashes and rise, like a phoenix, into their fullest expression of self love, with compassion & grace.



Britton Usa

“I realized that this is the woman I’ve been visualizing as my higher self, I’ve never felt more connected to myself. Everything I felt was so natural + effortless. 
This is the very woman I‘ve been on a journey to become... Fearless. Creative. Independent. Passionate. Seductive. Hungry for more. Free. Liberated. Sensual. Adventurous. Grounded. Expressive. Learning to live life fully alive. 
Such a powerful practice.” 

The beauty of working in a group of women, is that there is not just me, my experience & my transmission to reflect back to you, to activate you. Every single women in the group has her own unique lived experience and there may be something in her opening and sharing, that unlocks deeper healing within you.

A chain reaction.

I believe that there is exponential growth and expansion and healing available to us when we come together in a group and share our experience.

The feminine love to be witnessed, yet is often afraid to be seen.

Many of us may have struggled with comparison amongst women, or fear of rejection or speaking our truth, fears of being seen or heard, so the power that comes from being fully witnessed by a group of women is exponential.

To feel seen. Heard. Accepted.

It heals the sister wound within.

We will dance in polarity of masculine & feminine energies throughout this course, so that you may feel safe and held to navigate your depths that you may previously have been too scared to explore. 

During this 8 week immersion is an embodied exploration, of the facets of the feminine, through the lens of sexuality.

On this journey our structure will be provided by the Jungian Feminine Archetypes, in their full expression. Each week we will come together in an embodiment practice, exploring and embodying their shadow and bringing it to light. 

So often, we live out these archetypes through life, and often it can feel unfamiliar and unknown.. So what if we played in their field and allowed ourselves to be expanded by them so that they become more familiar and easier to navigate?

When we venture into these parts, we become more and more fearless in our expression. 

When you taste the different parts of yourself and feel into all aspects, we become familiar, our knowing of self is expanded. 

We will be looking through the lens of sexual expression, exploring where in life we have embodied certain aspects within self that have polarised our relationships within self and also in relationship. 

We will explore the stories we carry around sexual expression and use movement and breath as a modality to alchemise and reclaim these hidden parts of self.

This container is for those wanting to embody more of their feminine energy, to harness and embrace their sexuality while integrating the masculine & masculine aspects of self.

When we integrate our relationship with the masculine, it allows us to reflect on our own inner mascuine and bring our internal energetics into balance..

When the feminine within feels supported, safe, when she feels her masculine’s depth and presence, she feels liberated and free to express her true magic.




I want to share my story with you, how I found my way into the field of self love & embodiment work.

Breaking it down simply, I have moved through wounded feminine, wounded masculine, toxic feminine, divine feminine and divine masculine. Tasted all the extremities.

My journey has evolved and been exposed through the lens of romantic relationship, so that is essentially how I stumbled across the energetics of masculine & feminine, through exploring the realms of the twin flame journey, the beautiful and complex journey that it is, the essence of which is a return to wholeness and inner union within.

I am a feminine being at my core. My heart is feminine, my energy is predominantly feminine, and somewhere along the line, in childhood, I learnt that it wasn't safe to express myself, my creativity, my full expression. I learnt that my fullness, my loudness, my unapologetic nature was not accepted in society, essentially learning that I can lose love if I am my full self.

So I built a layer of protection.

I then spent years at school trying to earn love and acceptance through getting good grades, being a teachers pet, and excelling academically as i'd learnt that that was how I received love & affection and attention.

Fast forward over a few years of abandoning academics and choosing to rebel and pursue training as a dancer, I found myself in the modelling industry. Constantly being pitted against other women and not getting jobs, which then fed into my wounding & fear of rejection and abandonment, for not 'fitting in' to the mould that society deemed as 'pleasing'.

I was in my full wounded masculine energy, hustling and over working, squeezing in castings between jobs, working two jobs in a day then travelling into London at night to do an evening job too. All to prove I was worthy, that I was good enough.

All stemming from my tender, wounded feminine heart, who had learnt that who she was at her core, was not good enough. 

I learnt to wear masks, to people please, to self sacrifice for the sake of love.

This led to me self sacrificing in a long term relationship, so desperate to hold onto the love, that I lost myself.

I couldn't even name 5 things that made me happy. I couldn't name even 1.

I was totally numb. Abusing my emotions and my expression by pushing them down and down to the point I felt nothing.

I perpetuated this by abusing drugs and alcohol and party the pain away, the pain of feeling so disconnected from myself, that who I was on drugs and alcohol, felt more expressed, like I had more permission to just 'be myself'. Yet this was disconnecting me more and more from my body. Throw in some serious toxic feminine, using my sexuality to seduce men and have meaningless sex, chasing avoidant men, hoping that one day I would 'be chosen' and all of my pain and suffering would melt away.

I THEN had my eat, pray, love moment of awakening, begging God to feel something... anything. 

I knew I was looking for more, but I didn't know what. To the outside world I was travelling all over the globe, living the high life, on the inside I was dead.

I found spirituality and that led me down a path of love and light. Meditation practices and journalling became my life line. I was rediscovering who I was, through various spiritual practices and disciplines.

But then... One specific heartbreak shook me to my core. Catapulted me into oblivion, and I went hard on the meditation. To the point at which, I was spending so much time in the 5D, speaking with spirit, experiencing soul connections, that I became miserable in my 3D reality, because it didn't match up.

In the 5D it was love and light, and my 3D reality I was broke, miserable, isolated, wearing my mask of 'i am fine' but actually contemplating, what would happen if I just tapped out of life... What would happen if I died... Would it matter? It seems much nicer in the 5D, and I then wouldn't have to suffer so much in the 3D.

Which is THEN what led me to embodiment. I knew that it wasn't true that I wanted to end my life, I recognised that this thought was not mine and that I needed to make some serious changes to my life.

I then discovered embodiment and the Tantric teachings of EVERYTHING being God/Goddess consciousness. I had spent so long, shaming parts of myself, that it felt like a huge sigh of relief to move into a space of wholeness through accepting and loving EVERY SINGLE PART of myself. That my emotions are not mine to hold, they are mine to feel and move and express. That EVERYTHING is welcome.

I started to move my emotions through my body, to reconnect with my body, my heart, my womb, my yoni and to allow the shamed parts of myself to resurface on a somatic level.

I used dance, I used breath, I found myself.

I voyaged within to reclaim the lost parts of myself. To nurture them back to fullness. I dissolved the many masks that I had worn throughout the years, to step into my untamed and unapologetic expression.

I have reclaimed my sexuality, connected to my sensuality and devoted myself to living in a 3D sensory experience, living and loving in all of the light and shadow, pleasure and pain that it is to be a human on this earthly existence.

It has been the MOST LIBERATING thing i've ever done.
(And in my wild party days, I did some pretty crazy 'liberating' shit!!)

It is still unfolding. It is still unravelling. I have fallen in love with the journey. Embraced the cycles of death and rebirth that come hand in hand with life, and it has set me on FIRE.

I now delight in rising from the ashes. Meeting my depths of pain with love and compassion, alchemising them into pleasure. It is pure alchemy, and I love it!!

Throughout this programme, I vow to be an open book. I vow to share my process, downloads and integrations with you, real time, because on this journey, there are always more layers. We can always go deeper. That is the beauty of the journey. It is not linear, it is made up of layer and spirals, each one taking us to our depths, closer and closer to our truth. Integrating layer by layer, remembering our wholeness, expressing our fullness and living in deeper embodiment, integrity & truth. 

We are always learning, unravelling, and it is my honour to be in the ashes with you, to hold the space for you to navigate your rise into firey, expressed, ecstatic bliss.



My Story

Aimie, UK

"After yesterday I really felt like I could actually touch and hold my body in a loving caring way. Even with 3 years of pole dancing I never felt comfortable touching my body. It was always for someone else to touch me and in my first relationship, I felt I was always just a body to him. I really feel that lightness and actually feel really good in my skin!”

"The Empress fills you with the entirety of the world's beauty if you let her in. She shows you in no uncertain terms, that you are never, ever alone. You are part and parcel of the glistening, pulsating world of energetic and beautiful connection. You are her and she is you. She is everything and everything is you.”

― Sasha Graham
































Opening call will commence on Thursday 19th August & Closing call will commence on 21st October. The Live Integration Calls will take place on 9th & 30th September.







You want to enter into a transformational & alchemical container...

You want to awaken your senses to a living & breathing, sensual experience... 

You want to be turned on by life... 
You want to embody your Empress... 
You want to ground into the present moment...
You want to learn the tools to equip you with emotional processing...
You want to get out of your head and into your body...
Alchemising your emotions.

You want to stop outsourcing your happiness & pleasure to others.
You want to feel worthy of love.
You want to reclaim your power to choose.
You want to feel safe and free within, to fully express yourself.

Long for DEEP self love and acceptance...
Crave DEEP connection with self & source...
Desire a DEEP reverence for heart, body & soul.

If you want to feel Fearless, Unstoppable, Empowered, MAGICAL.
Uncaged & untamed, WILD, free, 
Held, Seen, Heard.

You want:
A reclamation of your soverignity.
A remembering of who you are.
A liberation of your fullest & highest self.

Somatic & integrated healing.

Rise of your Divine Feminine.
Deepening of your Divine Masculine.

Sacred Inner Union, making you a force to be reckoned with.
Magnetising your deepest desires and manifesting them into your reality.

To feel a deep connection with your body, heart & Soul .




“Thank you for sharing more of your journey with us, I'm so inspired by you + resonated with your experiences. On my journey so far I realised I've been prone to recklessness, self-numbing, escapism, and extremes. From not feeling at all to only allowing myself to feel love and light. Always wearing a mask out of fear. I've been feeling the call to go deeper in life and find what makes me feel fully alive, and this week has opened me up to ease myself into the shadows + trauma. Somatic healing like this is absolutely something I'm called to continue. x” 


“Thank you so much for listening and caring as much as you have. I’m sure the journey isn’t over but you’ve been so sweet and helpful. I don’t think I would’ve gotten through it with as much integrity if it weren’t for our sessions. I can feel honourable. Which is nice… you helped me through probably the most difficult time in my life, I will forever love and respect you. Thank you for caring so much. Even from far away, you’ve been a blessing to me.”


“I’ve just finished the Lover session and it was really amazing, I felt I was experiencing what I've seen in dancers who really feel connected to their bodies feel. I totally felt that magnetism! One of the really interesting things I've observed over the past 24 hours is how the pressure I felt on myself to make a really big decision has melted away, I feel much more trust that it will all work out. I feel feminine for probably the first time ever. I've always looked back at pictures of myself and wish I'd felt as good internally as I appear on the surface. I've also felt so much tension in my face for months and months which had felt stuck, melt away today! Thank you so much Lara  this is exactly what I've been looking for, yet probably always felt too self-conscious to do in front of others.”

“I’ve noticed whenever we meditate before we begin the practice I feel so much rising up to meet me, there’s so much I’ve left unacknowledged and have never given a voice to after all these years that embodiment allows me to honour + listen to.”


“When we started to tap into that deep, primal energy of the shadow side I felt something I’ve truly never felt before. It might sound strange to say but it honestly felt like I was getting an exorcism. There was so much rage and aggression in every movement: I was on my knees clawing at the ground, stomping loudly, kicking and screaming, and allowing myself to cry. There was so much that I didn’t know I kept inside coming up for me. Moving through it truly shook me to my core.”


“I felt my entire body light on fire. I felt so much passion and excitement. My movements were so sensual and seductive, they were liberated and had a mind of their own— I even got on the ground to do some floor work which I’ve never even done before, I’ve never been a dancer (except for that one year as a ballerina when I was 6, lol.) 
I had zero thoughts about what I was doing and was fully in my body. The release was incredible, as I usually only ever live in my head.”


“I’m feeling so deeply moved and invigorated after today’s embodiment practice in ways I’ve never felt before. Sitting down to mediate before the practice I immediately started to sob, I sat with myself in a way I haven’t before and so much rushed to meet me. There was a deep ache I felt in my stomach above my belly button as we embodied the Maiden’s shadow, and as I moved I continued to ache and cry. My movements were stiff, aggressive, and I felt resistance at first. But then I began to feel my inner-mother move to greet these feelings, and everything changed.I’ve been embodying a wounded maiden in my life for so long, and today I held space to fully feel her and then watched her grow before my very eyes. 

When we embodied the Maiden’s light I felt everything significantly shift. My movements became fluid, I took up space by moving about the room, I danced with joy, and my tears were from a place of profound bliss. I felt my heart space open up and I felt free. 
Hours later... I still feel free. I feel lighter. I feel energised. I feel connected to myself. I’m now truly taking time to be gentle with myself and listen to what continues to come up for me after this session, but I know if I begin to ache again I can drop back into my body and move through it. I’ve never tried embodiment before...but it’s already become the most profound healing tool I’ve encountered.“

“Thank you! I really had a sense of who I want to and who I am becoming today! Totally amazing, at the beginning of this challenge I couldn't see much further than a few weeks into my future, where as now I can see myself connecting with the people I feel drawn to, whereas in the past I've felt scared of rejection. I see myself being creative again and feel passionate about my own journey moving forwards, instead of feeling I have to keep everyone else happy. I feel I am growing into a woman, who feels centred and grounded! Thank you so much!x x x”


“Having practiced pole dancing now for 3 years I still didn’t feel like a pole dancer, more like a visitor, or tourist. Where my friends seem to embody the positive changes from pole, seeping out positively into other areas of their lives. I felt like I was learning everything without living/being it! In the practice today I fully felt so good in my body I didn’t want to be anywhere else! Which is amazing when I live in my head sooo much!! I felt like a woman for probably the first time ever!!
I felt like the things I admire in images of 90s supermodels I felt on that day, that feeling of deep acceptance and love for themselves.”


“One of the biggest shifts i’ve experienced has been feeling connected to my body with my own physical touch, I noticed an element of self soothing with my own touch that I’d have never done before this. And it really bought up for me when I’ve tried to fit the mould of what boys ‘wanted’ when I was younger. I’ve practiced more self care this week and feel really pulled to play with my wardrobe more and get to be slightly different aspects of me with my hair and make up, which I’ve really neglected over the past few years.
And just today, I also really noticed this deep feeling of unworthy, which a few healers have pointed out to me, but I wasn’t able to see. Where I’ve almost not wanted too much to avoid disappointment or not asked for things because, who am I to ask. And seeing this has allowed me to see how to change moving forwards, to really connect with who I want to become, how I want to dress and move and what I want to create. What I want in my relationship, how I will treat myself and what I will accept from others moving forwards. Such a wonderful shift from just a week ago!!”


“I had the best time in today’s embodiment class! I felt like this practice brought the spiritual to the physical and I feel so grounded. I released so much shadow around, “I can’t do things on my social media because I don’t look the way some of the other women do that post these dance videos.” And honestly!!! I feel like you inspiring me to dance has played a huge role in my recent success. It's allowed me to work through a lot of shadows and also inspired me to play more! So thank you! ❤️ “ 


“Hey lara, I just wanted to thank you for an incredible session.
I felt like a big weight had lifted and even 3 days later I feel amazing. Your approach and style instantly put me at ease and made me feel safe and comfortable. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know!
You are like a real life angel 🌟🌟”


“Today’s session was absolutely amazing and such a surreal experience! I wasn't expecting to work through as many emotions and release as much stagnant energy as I have, but I am so grateful! Lara! You were so kind, compassionate and loving throughout the session and I cannot wait for the next one. You have such an incredible gift of holding space for others while remaining fully present and that is rare to find! I wish everyone could experience and benefit from a session with you, I know that it would change the world!"


“I love you, you changed my life and how I view feelings and so many things. From across the world you were a guardian angel. I’m thankful for you beyond words.”


“I am truly grateful for my experience with you, Lara. You have helped me awaken my inner child and I feel so connected to myself. From the very first time you made me feel safe and whole. My experience was so powerful and i feel blessed to be part of your guidance. Thank you so much Lara!"


“You’re the best!!! Today’s session was just so amazing, so powerful. It was unlike anything i’ve ever experienced. It felt calming and soothing, bringing up emotions in a good way, allowing me to get in touch with myself. Your intuition is crazy! I would be thinking ‘Oh gosh, this is kind of how i’m feeling’ and the next thing you know you would be walking us through it. Your presence is powerful! The flow was amazing, I just cannot say enough good things.”


“So, I just want to say a HU-MUNGOUS thank you! I feel so incredibly grateful and blessed to have found, to have come across and to have discovered you. Now, I’ve never done anything like this before, I had absolutely no Idea what to expect, and all i can say is OH MY GOODNESS! It was one of the most powerful two hours of my life. You cleared so many emotional blocks for me. I felt like the biggest weight had been lifted from me and at the same time I felt like I was ready to step into the next level version of me. It was just the most incredible feeling. Aside from being incredible at what you do, you are just the most beautiful person with such an incredible soul. You are so kind and caring and so loving as well. As soon as you walks into the room you can just feel your presence. It’s like none other, it’s almost like magic in a way. Lara, Thank you so so so so much!”


“When I first met you, I felt like we had an instant connection. I’ve been to several retreats and I have had some spiritual journeys of my own, but there was something about you and the way that you were able to lead me to this next level that I just simply can’t explain. I feel clear and connected and guided more than I ever have before. You have this way of leading spiritually and allowing healing that I didn’t even know that needed to come out and to clear the way. I feel forever changed and forever grateful. From the bottom of my heart and for the next generation of individuals that I will be able to lead now because of you, Thank you.”


I came away with a deeper level of self awareness, new depth of things to work on, a new intention which has allowed me to accelerate my business. And the energy that I came away with has been infectious! You are not only is the embodiment of divine energy, but I feel like you became a channel through which you I found myself with the same energy.”



I don’t
have a ton of time and energy. What happens if I fall behind?
If you fall behind and miss a few sessions, they will all be recorded and stored for you to review and partake in. I would recommend that you think about the time and energetic investment you are prepared to make, as I want you to get the most out of your time, your energy and you financial investment. 

I’m worried about money given this global pandemic. What happens if I miss a payment?
If you miss a payment, your access to the membership area will be revoked, but I wholeheartedly have kindness and compassion for everyone during these uncertain times. I want to ensure that you aren't putting yourself under financial stress to make this course happen. I would advise that you look at your finances to ensure that you can still feel safe investing in this program. There are flexible payment plans available so I recommend you choose a payment method that feels expansive to you.

Can I cancel at any time?
I'm afraid there is a no cancellation policy. Once you have made this commitment to yourself and your growth, I would love to see you honour that. This is why I want to ensure that you are a full body fuck yes to this program and commitment.

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the nature of the course, being lifetime access and you gaining access to the materials, I do not offer refunds. 

Am I represented in The Embodied Empress?
Without a shadow of a doubt. In The Embodied Empress, we don’t discriminate by age, sex, gender, race or religious/spiritual preferences. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, and prejudice is not tolerated by anyone on my team, or inside the community.

My time zone is not the same as yours - what if I can’t make a live? Will I miss out?
All live calls are recorded and uploaded so that if you are unable to make one, you can watch the replay at a time that’s more convenient for you! Once we have the full cohort, I will take into account everyones time zones, and schedule the call at the most appropriate time overall to give everyone the best chance at being involved live.