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what is sensuality

nounnoun: sensuality the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure. the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses. The pursuit of pleasure. Your senses, fully engorged and engaged, dripping with pleasure. To be able to fully feel this magnitude of pleasure, we have to feel safe in the body. Connected to […]


what is abundance

Abundance is breathing in fresh air, filling your lungs with life force.Abundance is picking fruit from the trees and savouring every drop of juice as you devour it.It is spending time in Mother Nature, feeling into her inherent abundance. Abundance is gazing at the sun as it sets and rises, admiring every shade of red […]

Abundance is…

what is feminine energy

What is feminine energy? The feminine. The feminine is everything. She is the noise The laughter The chaos The dance The movement The wild The lashing The thrashing The undulating The convulsing The passion. She will eat you for breakfast And have you coming back begging for more. She is the tides of the ocean […]

The Feminine is Everything…

full meaning of love

To love someone in human form is often to love the reflection of yourself that they offer you. The way they treat you reflecting back to you what you know love to be. But, what do we know love to be? The full meaning of love? Do we truly know what unconditional love is? What […]

Love is…

womb alchemy

How much do you know about womb alchemy? To be reborn we must step into the darkness. To plunge into the depths that the light cannot reach. The dark, velvety womb from which all life is born… A return to the darkness from which life is created. To know yourself is to know your darkness. […]

Womb Alchemy

what is triggering someone

What is triggering someone? Do I trigger you? Because, honestly, the way I show up now, would have triggered the fuck out of me 6 years ago!! Internally, I would have compared, judged, shamed, feeling unsettled & ruffled & ‘less than’ witnessing the way I dance half-naked, touching my body, the vulnerable posts, the poetry, […]

Do I Trigger You?

Festival of Lights

Today is Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights ✨💫 This gorgeous festival celebrates a beautiful victory that gives hope to us all in times of darkness… It serves as a reminder of the victory of light over darkness, and the beauty in that. The triumph of good over evil… …knowledge over ignorance. 💛 So today, […]

Festival of Lights

wild woman archetype

The wild woman within. The wild woman lies dormant within you, Frothing. Foaming. Biting. Writhing. Dying. Dying to be unleashed. Liberated from the constraints of what a woman ‘should be.’ Locked within a prison of her own body, breaking loose from the fiery flames of the internal hell she has been forced to live within […]

There is a Wild Woman Who Lies Within You

divine feminine energy

It’s not a diet. It’s not a skincare regime. Not a workout schedule. It’s not that I’m feeling my outfit. It’s not receiving male attention. Not not receiving female celebration. It’s that I have deepened my connection with my body, with my heart and with my soul. I have welcomed in EVERY part of me. […]

The Sexiest I’ve EVER Felt

shadow work

Shadow side of shadow work… We must be prepared to face it. But forcing it throws out the nervous system. We can re-traumatise our systems and get stuck in a loop of old timelines that no longer serve us. We must be tender with ourselves. Presence is the portal. Practising feeling… Practising processing… Practising being […]

Getting Stuck in Your Story

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