Thank you so much for being here! I am Lara and I am here to help people remember who they came here to be. My commitment is to embody my fullest expression of self and constantly dive deeper into the facets of humanness, so that people feel safe and empowered to go there themselves. Unleashing embodied liberation, deeply rooted in love and truth.

My purpose is to help people remember that they are love. To embody love. To remind them of what is possible. To connect them to their bodies, to their hearts and souls so that they can live, liberated in love. To be fully themselves, without the fear or the shame. Love is everything. Radical self love is the start of living as liberation. To freedom. Loving it ALL. EVERY. SINGLE. FACET. To know that their humanness is a beautiful expression of the spectrum of human life.

I do this through 1:1 guidance, group containers and my membership, Sisters of Soul, all of the details are under my offerings tab.

I have some gifts for you below, just as a thank you for being here. 


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My mission is to help you to fall back in love with yourself, so you can live a life that is overflowing with love.   


Divine Love Meditation


This meditation is designed to anchor you into divine love for yourself, for your loved ones, and for our planet. 

These playlists have been curated for every mood so you can dance , move energy and express your authentic self. 

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Lara is a multifaceted and multidimensional being who specialises in Self Love & Embodiment coaching. Lara’s soul ignites through guiding people back home to themselves, into deep self love and soul connection through sensual expression and embodiment.

Lara guides and works with their clients to build the foundations of self love that is so radical, it is unshakable. It is embodied. 

She uses modalities of breath, embodiment, movement as medicine and mindfulness to guide her clients, safely, into the parts of themselves they haven’t been willing to see and empowers them to love those parts back to life. 

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"We often get so scared of judgement, rejection, abandonment, that we aren’t living in our fullest expression. Many of us never learnt how to express ourselves, let alone have love for all parts of us! The journey of embodiment is about coming home to yourself. Loving every single aspect of you, your humanness, your perfect imperfection, and breathing it back to life. When we can make love to even our darkest shadows, they no longer pose a threat to us. We alchemise fear into Love & Acceptance. This is the essence of magick."



Welcome to my innermost thoughts… Journaling is one of my favourite healing tools, so I wanted to be an open book. Here you will find a mixture of lessons through my own personal experience, poetry, expression, notes and most intimate thoughts on everything to do with love and healing.