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World Wide Tribe

Since moving to a new country, it’s interesting to see how relationships have grown and changed… What I have come to not only realise, but really feel is that love is so much more powerful than we give it credit for in modern society.

I count my blessings daily for the Worldwide tribe of friends, family and soul family I have connected with along the way… it’s created a network of connections… connected through love.
I’ve learned that Love really has no concept of time… it doesn’t know distance… it doesn’t recognise sexuality or the colour of your skin… whether you have two legs or four… whatever your background or upbringing… Love is love.

That is all it knows.

Love knows no boundaries. It is our life force. What creates the connection that paints the most beautiful moments we experience on this planet.

It doesn’t matter how far or wide you travel, whether it has been one day or three hundred days since your eyes last met, your soul never stops loving.

In honour of love, in all shapes and sizes, friends, lovers, mothers, fathers… the list goes on and on… Find your soul tribe… Love them hard… love them unapologetically in your authenticity. Be grateful for them coming into your life, whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Time or distance is irrelevant… Love is Love.



World Wide Tribe

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