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Reflections on 2019

It’s taken me a few days to settle into Bali life so these reflections are a little late to the party… 2019 for many, myself included was about clearing.

Clearing and healing.

And it was pretty intense.

Lesson after lesson, coming up to the surface so it could be recognised, acknowledged, healed and cleared.

It was testing and trying but still laced with some of the most beautiful and centring moments. Moments of pure bliss and moments of ultimate despair. Undulating like waves of the ocean.

Yes, it was hard.

But through the chaos, through the destruction, you can find the collateral beauty.

Any hardships you may have been through in 2019, leave them at the door. They served you, they served their purpose, they helped you to grow beyond measure.

They cleared the debris on the surface so that the new seeds may sprout through with ease.

I took a little break at the end of 2019 to integrate all of the lessons, while the final winds of chaos settled.

Sometimes life changes direction rapidly, but it is all of the lessons that you learn through life that equip you for these twists and turns.

Here is to a magical and abundant new year, filled with love and endless adventure.



Reflections on 2019

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