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Send Them Love

Would you not rather live through rose-tinted glasses and be consistently reminded of the good that exists in the world?

Seeing the best in people means choosing to see the best in yourself.

Some may call it naive and claim that there are awful people in this world, which to the outside world is true.

But I’m not sure I buy it.

I’m not sure that there are truly pure evil people in this world.

I believe we are all subject to our conditioning and environment.

Sometimes we let the talk and advice of others get so loud, that we start to believe things that are outside of our truth, not aligned with our soul.

A soul is pure love and light, and as everyone has a soul, everyone contains this pure love and light, no matter how dim the flame is.

No matter how many rights and wrongs have been imposed on a person. No matter how many traumas they have experienced that have shaped them to be the person that stands before you today.

To find forgiveness and understanding when your ego is screaming at you that they don’t deserve it, can be hard.

Really hard.

But to access forgiveness and understanding we have to connect to our light. Our own little flame of pure love, to understand that we all have this in common.

To find compassion, and understand that this person is seeing the world through eyes of fear. And the only antidote for fear is love.

They are scared. They’ve become so detached from who they are that all they see is hate because all they can see is the distance between where they are right now, and where their soul is, where it vibrates, in a high frequency of love.

They are not hateful. They are not evil. Simply, they are lost and scared.

Send them love.



Send Them Love

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