Artist of Love…

I watched a video by John Wineland where he stated that “Love is an art… you are an artist of love.” 

It resonated, hard.  

I sat in contemplation over this, and the following is what flowed… 

It is a way of living, of being. 

It flows effortlessly through us, but it is then how we allow it to move THROUGH us. 

How we move with it, flowing through our veins.  

It is a quality by which we go about life. That we can pour into everything that we do, from the mundane to the exquisite.  

It is pouring love into our darkness to soothe and trust that the sun will rise again.  

To illuminate.  

It is an art to live a life of love.  

Unlike the effortless river of love that flows through us, to live a life of love requires devotion, dedication, conscious action to commit to living in love.  

Commitment to living as an artist of love.

So I ask you, 

What will you paint today? 

What colours will you use? 

What strokes will you create? 

What choices will you make? 

To be an artist of love is to make the CHOICE to live in love. To lean into love.  

To lead from the heart.  

Inspired. Authentic. Wild.  



Artist of Love…

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