Are You Making Love to Your Life?

Are you making love to your life?⁣

Are you relating to your experience as you would with your divine partner?⁣

Taking them all in.⁣

Seeing beauty in their entire being. ⁣

Melting into pleasure in each moment?⁣

The moment you start seeing your reflection through the eyes of the universe is where you experience the magic. ⁣

Make love to your life. ⁣

Melt into its pleasure. ⁣

Fuck it into a frenzied daze. ⁣

Ride it so hard that it leaves you tantalised, gasping for air and begging for more. ⁣

Breathing deeply. ⁣

Head spinning. ⁣

Spine-tingling. ⁣

Enveloped in waves of ecstasy. ⁣

Take it all in.⁣

Every sound. ⁣

Every sensation. ⁣

Every bead of sweat. ⁣

Every moment. ⁣

Enamoured. ⁣

A sweet surprise around every corner. ⁣

Delighting in its deliciousness. ⁣

Surrendering fully to the point that your whole being is lit up with pure bliss. ⁣

Are you making love to your life?⁣



Are You Making Love to Your Life?

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