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A Poem: To Your Human

Can you sit in stillness,⁣

And allows the tears to flow?⁣

Can you be in your body,⁣

And feel the breeze that blows?⁣

Can you lean into darkness,⁣

And allow yourself to fall?⁣

Can you see through eyes of compassion,⁣

And accept yourself for all?⁣

Can you shine your heart so brightly,⁣

That is calls your soul back home?⁣

Can you trust yourself completely,⁣

That you’ll never be alone?⁣

Can you be here in this moment,⁣

And never fade away?⁣

Can you promise me forever,⁣

To die another day?⁣

Can you hold me so entirely,⁣

That I never run from fear?⁣

Can you love me so completely,⁣

That yours are the only words I hear?⁣

Can you be silly and play with me,⁣

And be a source of joy?⁣

Can you be wild and free,⁣

And never believe the ploy?⁣

That you are nothing short of a miracle,⁣

stardust in disguise.⁣

You hold the power of infinity.⁣

You are powerful and deep and wise.⁣

You are a vessel for divine love⁣

please promise me you won’t ever forget,⁣

The magic that lies within you,⁣

To aide and to abet.⁣

Your thoughts are your conditioning,⁣

Your emotions just a gauge,⁣

Of just how close or far you are,⁣

From living in your cage.⁣

A cage created by programmed belief,⁣

That Do not serve your soul.⁣

You came here with great purpose,⁣

To fall back in love with yourself.⁣

To see yourself so clearly,⁣

And not judge or guilt or shame.⁣

To live in this present moment,⁣

And realise why you came.⁣

To experience duality,⁣

So that you could grow.⁣

To find beauty in the contrast,⁣

The find your north, come home.



A Poem: To Your Human

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