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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

One of my favourite shots to date from @brypenney and my adventure to Ibiza…

Yet I’ve never used it…


Fear of judgement.

Fear of what people would say…fearing whether it would be deemed appropriate…fear of a whole host of things…

But, I love it.

At the time I was insecure, constantly scrutinised my body, constantly compared myself to others thinking I was ‘less than’ always striving for what could make me more attractive or accepted.

I decided to do a comparison cleans and a judgement detox. To call myself out every time I made a negative judgement on myself or anyone else. Any time I compared myself to anyone or compared others.

Society had become so accepting of judgements and comparisons in media that I really started to notice how easy it was for, not just me, but other people to cast judgement.

When I made the conscious decision to eradicate this from my life, my perception of myself changed. My perception of others changed.

I finally felt free and able to find love for myself, for being myself.

The older I get, the more I become unapologetic about it and I LOVE it.

I’ve learned that no one else’s opinion of me actually matters. As long as I come from a place of love in my actions, and am constantly striving to be a better human over having a better body, I can’t actually go wrong.

Just wanted to open up and be a little vulnerable today to maybe inspire you to get on the judgement detox/comparison cleanse bandwagon, and see how radically you can fall in love with yourself.



Comparison is the Thief of Joy

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