dealing with change



Dealing With Change


Change is the only thing that we can count on.
It is the only thing that is guaranteed in this life, that things will change.

Yet it is something that most of us put up so much resistance to.

We tell ourselves that the unknown is scary.
We feel safe knowing what’s going to happen and being in control.

But then when something happens that is out of our control, we feel the earth shake beneath us… we grip to the familiar, afraid to step into the unknown.

But what if you chose to embrace change?
To fall in love with change.
To be constantly open to redirection?
To allow those magical moments that you could never have anticipated to flow in…

The major changes that come into your life, and trust me they will, you will not fear them anymore.

You will not put up as much resistance.

They will feel easier because they are welcome.

Learning to never give up on your dreams yet surrendering to the path you take to get there.
Embracing the redirections that will feed your soul, and help you to grow.

Sending love xxx



Dealing With Change

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