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Your Perception of Me Is a Reflection of You

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.”

The beauty, the kindness, the wit, the playfulness, the magnetism that you see and admire so much in others… That exists in you.

The hate, the jealousy, the frustration, the stubbornness, the selfishness you see in others… That also exists in you.

How you perceive the people and the experiences you encounter throughout life is mirroring back to you both your light and your shadow.

It takes awareness to then witness your thoughts and judgements towards other people, and then ask yourself where this exists in you.

You then have the gift of awareness. And with awareness, you have the power to change.

To lighten your shadows.

To shine your light more brightly.

It is always a choice. The power is within you.


This quote sums up one of the biggest lessons I’ve experienced over the last year. And the most valuable.

Sometimes it’s hard to swallow, yes.

But also, in a world where we are so willing to compliment the beauty and kindness and all the wonderful things about others, how beautiful to realise that is all within us?
That these people are merely a mirror for us to see ourselves more deeply.

With awareness & compassion.

With love.

Sending love xx



Your Perception of Me Is a Reflection of You

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