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The Year I Released My Wild

This is the year that I unleashed my wild.

The wildness inside of me.

The raw and primal part of me that is nature itself.

I connected to this divine wildfire that burns deep within.

That yearning, that longing for more.

For the richness, for the fullness of life in every possible permutation in every experience.

That was always alive inside of me, but I couldn’t quite fully access it.

This part of me had been so afraid of burning in my own flames of passion that It had become encased in a numbness. A numbness that felt safer than what could happen if I were to truly step into all that I am…All that I came here to be.

The world is only just starting to taste the wild of the feminine.

Women are only just reclaiming the right to be EVERYTHING. To be it all. To be a force of nature, without apologies.
To be the eye of the storm…
The rain.
The thunder.
The earthquakes.
The Tsunami.
The explosion.
The destruction.
And then,
the beautiful nourishment & nurturing that repairs, restores & renews, from a pure state of innocence, of love, of bliss.

It’s all too often that we aren’t really truly deeply connected to our heart’s longing or our deepest desires because we learnt that that’s not safe,

“It’s just the way things are… It’s just the way it is“

Frankly, I’m not willing to accept that.

I’m not willing to accept that that’s just the way things are just because that’s the way that they have always been.
We did not come here to live a trivial existence.
We did not come here to play small.
We did not come here to limit ourselves.

As souls we came here to live in the fullness, in the richness of human experience.

To experience expansion through duality and polarity.

We came here to realise that we get to be everything.

Yes, our human vessel may feel denser than the expansion of pure energy we know ourselves to be, that we are but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get to play in this realm.

We get to use these vessels to birth LIFE through us.

We get to play with Alchemy & Magic.

We get to explore who we really truly are. We get to ask ourselves, “Who the fuck do I wanna be?”

So often we think that who we are is defined by a title or relationship, a career path & we make our choices from there but can you see the degrees of separation?

The separation we create from our true essence?

The separation from our true nature…

The separation from our true desires…

We have spent far too long shrinking ourselves to please others when the only person we are suffering from is us.

Time to get wild my loves!

Connect to your divine nature.

Stop giving a fuck.

Live for you.

Love for you.

These past few months have been truly fascinating, as I opened my Embodied Empress container, sooooo much more has unravelled.

This is the medicine. When we launch a programme or container, the initiation isn’t just for those within it, it beckons me into the flames first and foremost.

This has thrust me into deeper and deeper integrity with my work, my alignment and my life. This is why I have such reverence for this work because there is always a layer deeper and it becomes this delicious exploration of self.

The deeper down the layers we go, the more deeply we connect to that essence. The deeper we go and are willing to go, the more and more space and ecstatic expansion comes from that.

From that space of knowing. Tender intimacy with self.

It is sooooo powerful.

Each archetype we have moved through has initiated me in more profound ways. I have come to witness some tough to swallow truths of where I had still been holding on to old patterns of protection, grasping, over-controlling.

Oh so subtle, but ohhhhhh so there.

Each archetype has beckoned me in, shown me where I still hold these templates, but then offered me a reframe, a rewriting of that story.
We get to playyyyyyyy. We get to createeeee. We get to BE in our beingness. We get to BE whoever we want to be.

Through this powerful recognition, it becomes oooooh so clear as to what you are ready to release, and how to do that, how to step more into your unapologetic WILD expression, because you’ve met yourself so fully.

YOU can hold the storms,
The rain.
The thunder.
The earthquakes.
The Tsunami.
The explosion.
The destruction.

And you are no longer afraid because you KNOW your truth.

Your essence.

Because you know yourself.

I am so grateful for this work, more so than ever as it unfolds and takes me to places that have such potent medicine.

Medicine for me, medicine for you, for the collective.

When we run with the wolves, in packs of women, wild and untamed, embodied and unshakable, mountains move.

We rise together.



The Year I Released My Wild

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