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Grief as a Portal

So often we are so afraid of dying that we end up not living.

But what happens when we embrace the cycles of death?

What happens when we allow ourselves to feel

To truly feel.

Living with an open heart means living in spite of death.

It means living in the face of it.

To know that to embrace the impermanence of life is the moment we truly start to live.

It means knowing that there will be cycles of pain…

Where you are forced to release all that you thought you were…

To create space for all that you are becoming.

This can feel like you are dying.

Like there is so much there, how can you possibly move through this?

How can you possibly surrender more?

How can you possibly survive?

Through the portal of grief, we are shown where our deepest attachments lie…

What we are the most afraid to let go of…

Who we are most afraid to let go of…

The patterns and loops we perpetually cycle that justify keeping ourselves small,

Because they feel safe.

But what if your comfort is keeping you small?

The refusal to feel the depths of your pain, your grief, your sadness…

To embrace your watery depths of emotion,

To let yourself fully submerge and surrender to the tides…

To allow all of who you used to be, be washed away…

So you may stand, reborn.

The portals of your greatest expansion require you to step into the depths of your pain.


We are multifaceted beings made of stardust…

Capable of infinite magic and alchemy.

So the invitation is this…

Can you hold your pleasure and your pain?

To feel that your greatest breakdown is actually your greatest breakthrough.

By allowing your heart to crack open a little more, you allow yourself to get intimate with the depths of your being.

You clear distortions of your unique essence and return home.

You return home, to you.

The invitation is not to become consumed with your grief and allow the waters to drown you.

It is to learn to ride the waves of feeling,

To create space through breath and dance…

To create more spaciousness within.

To hold more.

To embody more.

These waves you ride become your deepest medicine.

Your greatest gifts.

Do not be afraid.



Grief as a Portal

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