feminine and masculine energy



The Magnetism of Inner Union

Feminine and masculine energy is a fine balance.

Masculine without the feminine oracle is blind action.

Feminine without the masculine is dreaming outside of reality.

Harnessing the mesmerising magic of the divine feminine, her intuition, her creativity, her oracle as a guide.

Anchoring the penetrating consciousness and depth of the divine masculine, his action, his container, his structure.

This is what creates magic and makes you magnetic.

You can work on your feminine magnetism & manifest from that space and be successful, but can you hold it? Is it yours?

Do you trust your masculine enough to hold it in your field?

You can constantly take action, call upon your masculine energy, working to make your dreams come true, but are they truly YOUR dreams? Or are they the dreams that you have been told you are your dreams?

When we can connect to the subtle energetics of both, coming into an inner union, this is where the magic happens!

This is where we become a force to be reckoned with, because we have the magic of the feminine, grounded into our present reality, our masculine holding the frequency in our field.

When we can hold these frequencies in our field, when we can anchor them with our devotion and depth of presence, we manifest at lightning speed.

We become a force of nature.

This delicate dance that we see unfolding in front of our eyes, is a reflection of the energetics within.

As within, so without.

If we heal the energetics within, we see this ripple into the collective.

How can you harmonise both feminine and masculine energy?

By cultivating a divine relationship with both your own inner masculine & inner feminine.

Allowing yourself to be fully seen, felt, heard for everything that you are, everything that you came to be.

Having the courage to share your magic with the world. Taking action from that space.

Standing in your deep truth.

The more we step into our truth, and choose to live in it the more magnetic we become.

The more we accept ourselves in our wholeness, the more magnetic we become.

When we are more devoted to our highest truth, the more magnetic we become.

And so it is.



The Magnetism of Inner Union

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