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Devotion is…

Devotion to your practice, be it spiritual practices or otherwise.

What we practice becomes our response.

They do say, after all, that practice makes perfect.

I believe we must take time to nourish our inner worlds.

To explore our truth, our authentic expression.

To embark upon a voyage of discovery to the crystal caverns and dimply lit crevasses of our soul.

So much of what and who we think we are isn’t actually ours.

We’ve adopted it through our lived experience.

The key to living on purpose is to be willing to explore, what is MY truth.

Whether that is your purpose, your sexuality, your pleasure, your career, your desires, where you live…

Be curious and playful with it and you spiritual practices.

Question constantly, is this mine? Is this TRULY what my heart desires? How I TRULY want to live?

Or is it someone else’s expectations I am playing out?

Someone else’s truth.

Put on you.

The journey is both delicious and confronting.

Containing many undulations and swirls of light and colour, every shade on the spectrum.

You’ll meet it all.

Every time coming back home to yourself.

Feeling safer. Deeper love. More reverence for the magnificence and magic of your very being.

Devote yourself to that.

Devote yourself to embodying the highest expression of the divine. In each and every moment.

Devote your full presence.

Devote your whole heart to that which is present.

Whatever that may hold.

To YOUR desire.

Whatever that may look like.

Devotion is a practice.

Calibrating the vibration of your life.

Making you a magnet for your desires.

Devotion – To live life as a moving prayer.

What do you practice?



Devotion is…

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