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The Beauty of Bleeding

There are many self love practices I love, and encourage, but honouring my bleed has become one of my favourites.

I LOVE getting my period.

I always look forward to it.

Since I came off of birth control two years ago, tracking my cycle, connecting to the ancient wisdom of my body and the power of embracing the seasons and wonders of the female body has been such medicine.

I feel more deeply connected to my body, my womb, my yoni and my power as a woman.

It is a gift.

It holds SO much potent power, which is also why it’s been something that we have been conditioned to reject and see as “gross” or “inconvenient” (thank you Patriarchy!!).

The truth is, when we connect to our bodies and our cycles like this, be it through self love practices or not, we connect to our power. The power of creation.

When we reclaim our bodies and rewrite our stories, embracing every part of us, rather than shunning and shaming it, it is a path to wild liberation and deep love.

Sending so much love xo



The Beauty of Bleeding

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