finding peace of mind



Finding Peace of Mind

As time goes on, the more I value peace.

The more I value that time just for me.

I used to fill my time with busyness.

Taking every single job that came my way, sometimes doing 2-3 jobs in a day.

Filling my time.

All the time.

I was in full hustle mode! But at what cost?

Because being busy is rewarded in society, but does it really serve us?

But then, realising that the time I spend with myself… in peace

whether journalling, meditating, sitting in nature watching the world go by, painting, yoga, whatever it is… Taking the time to spend quality time, with me was invaluable.

So I reassessed my boundaries.

How I choose to spend my time.

And decided to live with more intention.
To try and consciously make choices, on a daily basis, that are in alignment with the person I am and the person I want to be.
As opposed to living by the rules and expectations of others.

And it feels pretty darn good.

So I am curious… What brings you peace of mind?



Finding Peace of Mind

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