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what is triggering someone

What is triggering someone? Do I trigger you? Because, honestly, the way I show up now, would have triggered the fuck out of me 6 years ago!! Internally, I would have compared, judged, shamed, feeling unsettled & ruffled & ‘less than’ witnessing the way I dance half-naked, touching my body, the vulnerable posts, the poetry, […]

Do I Trigger You?

divine feminine energy

It’s not a diet. It’s not a skincare regime. Not a workout schedule. It’s not that I’m feeling my outfit. It’s not receiving male attention. Not not receiving female celebration. It’s that I have deepened my connection with my body, with my heart and with my soul. I have welcomed in EVERY part of me. […]

The Sexiest I’ve EVER Felt

feminine embodiment

The more you step into your authentic expression, you liberate others just through BE-ING! You serve as an expander in their field. The embodiment of what is possible. Without all the ‘ick’ that comes with it from our conditioning. Shame, guilt, fear that we thought ‘should’ come with the things we desire. When someone else […]

Your Authentic, Embodied Expression is a Permission Slip For Others

practising self love

There is always a way to reframe any situation. To look for the best in someone, to find the silver lining of a situation. This does not give your power away or make you weak, that is only your ego talking. If nothing else, your choice to be kind, forgiving, compassionate in any situation will […]


what is self love

Self love is a revolution that’s taking social media by storm, but what does it really mean? What is self love? Much of the self love movement is focused around loving your physical body, just the way it is. This is such a beautiful thing in itself. Learning love and acceptance of our physical bodies […]

What is Self Love?

finding peace of mind

As time goes on, the more I value peace. The more I value that time just for me. I used to fill my time with busyness. Taking every single job that came my way, sometimes doing 2-3 jobs in a day. Filling my time. All the time. I was in full hustle mode! But at […]

Finding Peace of Mind

setting intentions

E M B O D I M E N T•C O N N E C T I O N•L O V E These were my words for 2020. Well, life, but let’s zoom in on 2020! To note words to focus my energy for the year is something, kind of like a New Years resolution […]

Intention Setting…

personal growth

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.” The beauty, the kindness, the wit, the playfulness, the magnetism that you see and admire so much in others… That exists in you. The hate, the jealousy, the frustration, the stubbornness, the selfishness you see in others… […]

Your Perception of Me Is a Reflection of You

embodied movement

Authentic expression through movement and connection to your body. This is something that I am relishing exploring more. Every time I peel back a layer, my next experience goes deeper. It is never-ending, and that fascinates me. At an ecstatic dance, I attended in Bali, I could not wipe the smile from my face watching […]

Authentic Primal Expression

to love yourself

I often get asked “So, where is home for you?” and my answer often varies, the reason is this. What is home? Home is love. Home is the people I surround myself with. It’s is the love we share. Home is in the heart. It is in people. Home is in my body. In my […]

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Self Love 
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