overcoming fears



What are you running away from?

When you let your head win the battle against your heart time after time again, you can start shutting yourself off to all of your dreams.

You look at where you are in life one day and realise that the life you’re in, isn’t the life you’d necessarily dreamt for yourself.

Then, the idea of becoming the person you’d imagined yourself to be scares the hell out of you.

You start to realise that you’ve been making rational decision after rational decision taking you to where you think you should be, rather than living in the moment and listening to your heart and your highest self.

But Why? Why are you silencing your heart? What is there to run from?

You resort to coping mechanisms which can include anything from excessive spending, drinking, keeping busy, distractions, ANY distractions, drugs. You name it!

But, What are you trying to numb? What are you keeping yourself busy from?

Your own feelings? Sitting in your own silence and admitting that you aren’t as happy as you wanted to be at this stage of your life… the job, the relationship, the children, your location.

But, Why run?

Because you’re worried you couldn’t be that person?
The person You know Deep down that you are?

Because you were scared to let the people in your life down?
To let yourself down?

The crippling fear holding you back that makes you feel like you can’t step up and step into yourself…

Why do you not feel like you aren’t good enough just the way you are?

You always were.
You were always good enough!

MORE than enough. Maybe you made some choices that weren’t in alignment with who you truly are and got a little off track… That is OKAY. It happens.

So start!

Start making those tiny choices that raise your vibration that notch closer to your highest, best self.

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it can be excruciatingly painful.

But you need to ask yourself the hard questions. The ones that you are almost embarrassed to admit dance around in your mind.

Why do I behave like this?
Do I want to be this person?
Why am I lying to myself?
Why am I lying to others?
What toxic behaviours am I repeating?
Why am I repeating them when I know that my happiness doesn’t lie in doing them?
Is it learned from a traumatic experience in my life?
Is it something rooted in my childhood?
And, is it a learned behaviour that I’ve developed to ‘protect’ myself? To protect my heart? My stability? My safety?

Ask the questions.

Stop running.

Be brave. Be fearless.

Even if you take the tiniest step towards living as the best version of yourself, that is progress in the right direction.
Take the time to understand yourself.

Face your fears, front on. Step up. Step into yourself.



What are you running away from?

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