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To love someone in human form is often to love the reflection of yourself that they offer you.

The way they treat you reflecting back to you what you know love to be. But, what do we know love to be? The full meaning of love?

Do we truly know what unconditional love is?

What it feels like?

You see, in a relationship we often choose partners who mirror back to us what we LEARNT love to be, not what it truly is.

So, it feels like love.

It looks like love.

But this is different to what love truly is.

We learnt to love through our parents, the love they gave us, the way we watched our parents’ relationship unfold as children, often becoming the blueprint for our relationships as adults. 

Even watching the way that our parents loved themselves, often becomes the way we learn to love ourselves.

Children imitate to learn through experience.

So then, what really is the full meaning of love?

Unconditional love?

Love without conditions.

This is hard to grasp.


When we delve into it, we allow the emotions that we feel towards a person to fluctuate based upon their actions.

We revoke love when someone says or does something to hurt or upset us.

“Love knows no bounds.”

Except, when we CHOOSE LOVE, not the person, not the relationship…

But when we choose love itself!

Devoting ourselves, fully, to love.

When we practice the art of love, chasing it over everything else, again, and again and again…

We become the embodiment of love.

Love is an energy that flows through us, it is something that we are.

Love is not something that we have, nor is it ours to claim.

It starts when we choose love.

Radically. Unapologetically.

When we choose to love ourselves first, to open ourselves up to the ever-present force of love that is yearning to flow through us and encompass us, that unconditional love of God, the Goddess, The Universe, we become one with love.

The ONLY person that can take that away from you, is you.

What does choosing love mean to you?

How can you choose love today?

And it is hard, believe me.

When you have spent years running in loops of conditional love and “they will love me if…” or “I will love them as long as…”

Sometimes choosing love means walking away from what you think you want, who you want and betting on yourself.

It means listening to your body, your heart, your womb/hara, your soul and trusting THAT over the logic of your mind and the stories you have told yourself about whatever it is.

It means showing up fully and saying, I choose love.

Love is to merge with all that is.

The full meaning of love is to remember your wholeness.

The oneness within you that merges with the entire universe.

To dissolve into the stars. Becoming one with them. No separation.

To melt into music until you can’t tell where your body starts and ends, one infinite flow of harmony & symphony. Total ecstatic bliss.

To merge with others. To see no other as separate from yourself, simply a reflection of the aspects that live within you, your consciousness, the collective consciousness, which is, you.

They are you, and you are them.

What you condemn in others, lives within you too.

When we can see, with humanity, that we are all one of the same, we meet in compassion, joy, curiosity, eyes wide open, drinking it all in because everything and everyone is an expression of the divine.

Everything in existence is an expression of a fractal within you.

You are both everything and nothing.

Let the pulse of love from the beating heart of the universe flow through you in a very moment.

Even when you are stricken with grief, allowing it to crack you open, leaving even the smallest space for love to creep in.

How can we allow ourselves to be penetrated more deeply by love itself? Especially in our darkest moments?

Love is everything.

Love is within you,

flowing through you.

Love IS you.

It was never outside of you sweet soul, it was always within.

It is already yours.

November 26, 2021

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I see dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean when I see you, I see conch shells. I also see depth & wisdom. You are a womb oracle. The magic that you bring the the womb space, I have chills running up and down my neck right now. You take the womb and make it into its own world, where we can just crawl up inside & rediscover who we really are and that no, i’ve not met anyone else who can do that and i’ve worked with womb healers. You glow and you’re an angel and I love you dearly."

"You take the womb and make it into its own world... i’ve not met anyone else who can do that! 

- Allison

I celebrate & honour the multidimensional Priestess that lives within you, the moment that I felt you, heard you speak and every Time you step into a space I feel the mother. I honour your choice to be on this path and to share these teachings with the world. And I mother fucking love your silliness too. You are just as beautiful inside as you are radiant outside, truly. Your soul shines. I love you, sweet one."

"You carry very deep feminine wisdom & codes, beyond what you realise & know. 

- Chelsey-Jo

When I think about you I feel so much fluidity, and water and flow and life force essence, just the purest feminine energy. Pure feminine juciness. Like in ancient Hindu philosophy there's the Universe, the ether, the energy, the feminine that IS, the paradox of Kali. Kali can be both crazy & destructive but Kali can also reincarnate as this loving, giving mother, and nurturing and this very giving lover as well and you ARE that. In our womb journey healing that we did together, I mean that’s been and will continue to be a big initiation for me, that I am still getting curious about and it came up in a conversation with a client the other day, that just this intuitive knowing that black holes are the wombs of the universe, and when I said that, i only know that intuitively because I entered my womb with you and that wouldn't have happened if i hadn't met you. Thank you.."


- Julianne

People can experience being in the womb again with you, but the healed womb, going back into that amniotic sac where I can be fluid & flow and know that i'm birthing into a place that's like so cosy and warm and exciting and it's like the removal of the distortions. You have this ability of rebirth through your medicine and your heart-womb connection is like this golden liquid light and it's just so incredible and to witness the way that you hold it is inspiring. And even witnessing you move through the waves it is still so fucking potent and knowing that you always return there, it's incredible. You are the embodiment of the calm in the centre of the storm. So thank you for helping me also remember. I’m grateful to be reunited and I love you."

"You are like the love fairy, the gushy, lovey, invitational, warm honey that just wants to be poured onto the self and immersed in it!

- Kelly

"It's taken me some time to give you a testimonial because I don’t even know how to verbalise, you know! And the thing that your essence is just like so pure & your level of beauty inside & out and your wisdom and I don’t know how to say this but you’re someone I would expect to completely trigger me but with  your purity, i’ve never felt that way about you at all. I’ve always just felt so loved and in equality with you even though you are just so magnificent. You hold every aspect of the feminine all at once, every phase, and I think that’s such a huge piece of your medicine. I love you, thank you."

"I’ve always just felt so loved and in equality with you even though you are just so magnificent.

- EmmaLee

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