what is feminine energy



The Feminine is Everything…

What is feminine energy?

The feminine.

The feminine is everything.

She is the noise

The laughter

The chaos

The dance

The movement

The wild

The lashing

The thrashing

The undulating

The convulsing

The passion.

She will eat you for breakfast

And have you coming back begging for more.

She is the tides of the ocean

The thunder of the storm

The sparks fly from the flames of the fire as it dances, entrances and hisses into the night.

She is the earth that holds you,

The womb that births you

She is the playful glimmer in the eye of a lover.

She is the holy rage, the sacred slut, the unconditional love from which we all come and return to.

She is EVERYTHING in between.

She is not all sugar and spice, nor sacrifice.

She is the melody that moves you and harmony that soothes you.

She is the grief that chokes you and the anger that shakes you.

She is that quiet whisper that guides you, and the bellow that reprimands you, pushing you deeper, calling you closer to your truth.

She is unbounded.

She is unfathomable.

Unleashed into the world like a perfect storm, followed by the light fractals in a rainbow.

Don’t you see?

She is everything you wish to be and everything you run from.

You must meet her fully, without fear.

Let her take you to the darkest depths of hell and get drunk on the unconditional love that pours from heaven.

Meet her. Merge with her.

What is feminine energy?

She is everything.

How willing are you to run wild and free with her?

How willing are you to meet these aspects of yourself?



The Feminine is Everything…

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