womb alchemy



Womb Alchemy

How much do you know about womb alchemy?

To be reborn we must step into the darkness.

To plunge into the depths that the light cannot reach.

The dark, velvety womb from which all life is born…

A return to the darkness from which life is created.

To know yourself is to know your darkness.

To know your darkness, to stand with it.

Seeing it through eyes of compassion.

No fear.

To be willing to look, truly, madly, deeply inside of yourself to uncover your hidden truths.

Your magic, Your why.

Your pain to alchemise into your purpose.

Why do we fear the dark?

What is it that we are afraid to see?

What we suppress just lays dormant, waiting for its day to shine.


As I walk further down the path of womb alchemy and awakening, as well as shamanic journeying, I feel more centred and more at home than ever. Both in my light and my darkness. It feels so liberating and yet also so familiar, like a homecoming back to my natural state of being.

Rising and falling, ebbing and flowing with the seasons of my feminine body. Witnessing my own oracle. Listening to the innate wisdom within.

Fall & release as the leaves turn to shades of flames, embracing the alchemy of fire within.
Death & introspection, going deep within as the nights turn cold. Letting the stillness of the wind whisper its wisdom to me.
Planting seeds and coming back to the sweetness of life as the ground softens and the snow melts.
Shining and playing and dancing in the bounty of sunkissed skies and abundance.

Do you connect to your womb?
Are you connected to your cycle and the magic and gifts that each season of your cycle holds?
What wisdom within is seeking your gaze?



Womb Alchemy

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