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The Official Biography

Lara Raybone is an international self-love and embodiment coach from the U.K., who specialises in guiding womxn into self-love and liberation, through embodiment practices and feminine movement. She specialises in playing with the polarity of masculine and feminine energy rituals and routines to rebuild and rediscover who you are.

Modalities that Lara explored on her personal healing journey which she pulls upon in her work include Deep shadow work, integrating personal experience. Embodiment and energy work. Movement as Medicine – Ecstatic dance. Plant Medicine, journeying with Ayahausca in Peru, as well as other Entheogenic experiences, have profoundly guided her path. Experiencing Reiki healing, led her down the path of energy work and being fascinated with the energetic healing modalities. Using Past life regression as a tool to deepen her own gnosis and activating her remembrance of her mission on this earth, to serve and anchor frequencies of Love & Union.

Through her current training in Womb awakening with The Institute of Feminine Arts, intending to become a facilitator, as well as plant medicine journeys, she experienced the remembrance of Shamanic healing, which has guided her down a path of Womb Shamanism.

On discovering Tantra in her teenage years, it had been calling her ever since, until 2019 where Lara started to deepen her study of Tantra and the philosophies and teaching which have proven to be profoundly transformational, leading her to train as a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, in the integrated Tantric approach with Layla Martin (Training in Progress).

With a background in dance and performing arts, life coaching and reiki healing she has the education as well as life experience to equip people with the tools and techniques to transform self-love, worth, passion, purpose, love and connection to mind, body, heart and soul.

She has led feminine embodiment movement workshops for some of the best in the personal development and spiritual growth business, including one for bestselling Hay House author Niyc Pidgeon, a positive psychologist.

Lara has been invited to speak in front of several other people’s audiences, on her zones of genius: masculine and feminine energies embodied movement and emotional healing.

She offers online workshops and retreats worldwide, as well as accepting limited applications for 1:1 coaching and holding space in group containers. She is devoted to serving her community to the best of her ability on all levels, making the rituals, routines and practices she has acquired over the years of personal and professional experience accessible and available to all.



The Official Biography

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