what is sensuality




noun: sensuality

  1. the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure.
  2. the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses.

The pursuit of pleasure. Your senses, fully engorged and engaged, dripping with pleasure.

To be able to fully feel this magnitude of pleasure, we have to feel safe in the body. Connected to the body.

There are so many ways that we unconsciously disconnect ourselves from our bodies, that over time, we end up losing sensation. Desensitisation of pleasure, because we learnt it wasn’t safe to feel the fullness of our pleasure through our sensory experience.

Shame around feeling turned on.
Guilt around not being enough for someone, beautiful enough, sexy enough, skinny enough, wild enough, soft enough, toned enough, smooth enough.
Guilt around the foods we eat, suppression of our deepest desires to be more pleasing, to be accepted, to gain love. Terrified to lose it.

Every restrictive diet, starving the body of nourishment & nutrients.
Every excruciating workout where the words in your head are degrading, punishing yourself, abusing your body.
All of the suppressed emotions, that you didn’t give yourself permission to fully feel and honour in the moment.
Every night out spent numbing your body through alcohol & substances.
Every time you said yes when you meant no.
One night stands that you barely remember because you checked out of your body in the moment because your body, no matter how much it desires to feel pleasure, doesn’t feel safe to do so.

Reconnection back to our bodies is the way in.
It is the way back into reconnecting with our deepest gifts of the feminine.
It starts with letting your body know, she is loved. That she is safe.
When we do this, the emotions start to resurface, the numbness subsides and sensation returns to the body.

You start to feel the fullness of your sensuality, your pleasure.

Through re-coding the stories and rewiring the connection. Your physical response and relationship to pleasure.

This is the doorway in. To fully feeling.




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