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Are You Willing to Be Seen?

I see you, I hear you.
I feel you.

Are you willing to be seen? Fully?

Are you willing to be vulnerable? Not just a little bit, but all the way vulnerable?

To meet me there?

I will stand with you. Hold you. So you feel safe to feel your fullness.

So that next time, you can take yourself there.

To meet yourself there… fully.

It is a practice.

Sometimes it’s scary as fuck to walk the unknown within, alone.

Sometimes you are so ready to face your fears head-on.

And sometimes, when we are on this healing journey alone it’s hard to see your blind spots.

It is hard to take yourself all the way there because your ego wants to keep you safe, it doesn’t want you to remember those parts of yourself that hurt, that are in pain, that hold incomprehensible rage.

My deepest explorations of my depths have come from being held in a safe space by someone else.

To be seen. Heard. Felt. Witnessed, as I dive into the inky depths of my emotions.

It is a practice. And one that is so much more rewarding when you can do it with others.

Because you start to learn, in every facet of your being, that you are safe to go there, to be seen in your darkest and lowest points.

You learn that you do not lose love for being in your fullest expression.

You learn to hold yourself in those moments so you can take the deep dives alone and know that you are safe in your own body, that you are safe in your own expression.

That you are loved, regardless of the emotions that pulse through you.

That you ARE love and your fullness is BEAUTIFUL.




Are You Willing to Be Seen?

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