what is abundance



Abundance is…

Abundance is breathing in fresh air, filling your lungs with life force.
Abundance is picking fruit from the trees and savouring every drop of juice as you devour it.
It is spending time in Mother Nature, feeling into her inherent abundance.

Abundance is gazing at the sun as it sets and rises, admiring every shade of red and pink, orange and purple, marvelling in the art strewn across the sky, twice each day.
Abundance is feeling the sun’s rays on your face and taking a moment to feel them on your skin.
It is dancing naked in the rain, inviting joy, laughter, innocence & play.

Abundance is enjoying the simple pleasures of life that are totally free and allowing them to fill your heart with gratitude.
Abundance is available to us in every. single. moment.

You simply have to open your eyes, open your heart, open to receiving it, to feeling it. Allow it to wash over you like warm summer rain.
Allow it to hydrate and saturate every single one of your cells.

Abundance is our birthright.
It is already yours.

When we align to the frequency of abundance, when we vibrate in gratitude for the abundance that is already present in our life, we become a magnet to more abundance.

Abundance of health, wealth, happiness, love, connection, pleasure.

And so it is.



Abundance is…

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