Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Allow me to introduce myself, for any newcomers to my page & also for old friends.

Many of you may have been along for the wild ride that has been my Insta-life for a while, filled with travel to exotic locations as a model, as a makeup artist & an ambassador.

I am beyond grateful for these times, and incredible adventures, for the people I’ve met along the way, for the experiences I’ve shared & the lessons I’ve learnt.

But I found myself wanting more.

More purpose, more substance, more devotion & intention to my life.

This realisation came after one pretty shaking break up, then kind of snowballed from there.

Each subsequent relationship and failed relationship pushing me deeper & deeper into myself.

Into healing myself from old wounds.

Loving myself.

Something I had not been doing.

Instead I poured myself into self sacrifice to earn the love of another, hoping I would finally one day, receive that love I so deeply craved.

Yet, as time has gone on over the years, never has the phrase “others can only meet you as deeply as you’ve met yourself” rung so true!

My plea for purpose & substance had been answered through my own journey of healing & personal growth.

My endeavour to embody the highest version of myself came through deep healing & learning to love myself, from the inside out.

Remembering how I felt during each heartbreak, I wanted to help others that may be feeling pain, feeling helpless, feeling unworthy and unwanted.

To share with them all the tools I’ve learnt over time that helped me to connect to my inner voice, to myself, to my tender feminine heart & heal.

So, last year I decided to take action & actively start shifting my trajectory.

I got my certification in life coaching, learned how to use energy for healing through reiki to add to my toolbox of learning about trauma & healing that I learned first hand.

Hello I’m Lara. I am a heart healing & embodiment coach & my passion is helping people in heartbreak or disconnect from their hearts, embody their highest version of themselves. I do this by giving them the tool kit to navigate through their ashes to rise like a phoenix into their fullest expression of self love. 🦚



Allow Me To Introduce Myself

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