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Coming Back to Self Through Introspection

I originally wrote this post in August 2020, but I find the lessons around coming home to yourself still ring true <3

What I am witnessing during these times of isolation is that people, in the silence, are coming back to themselves.

My feed is bursting with family and friends exploring their creativity, their God given gifts.

Creativity comes in many forms and it is truly a gift that is accessible to us all, it lives within us.

I’m seeing people use their hands to paint, to craft, to mould and to build.

I’m seeing people use their voices to sing, to connect with others, whether that is loved ones by zoom or passers by in the street.

I am seeing people use their bodies to express, through exercise, through play, through sex, through dance, through music, through movement.

I’m seeing people connecting to Mother Nature, relishing her beauty and all her wonder through the simplest act of getting outside and basking in her presence.

I’m seeing the energy of love and unity consciousness pulsating and vibrating through each and every one of us.

Creativity provides us the vessel to channel this love.

There is a reason that art, music, dance, writing, love making, movement all have such rich histories… It is because these are the fundamentals of divine expression through human experience.

And it is beautiful to bear witness to.

My heart is full to bursting.



Coming Back to Self Through Introspection

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