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Home Is Where the Heart Is

I often get asked “So, where is home for you?” and my answer often varies, the reason is this.

What is home?

Home is love.

Home is the people I surround myself with.

It’s is the love we share.

Home is in the heart.

It is in people.

Home is in my body.

In my mind.

In my soul.

I’ve never really resonated with a physical country as being home, despite growing up in England and that being my family home. But it feels like home because that is where my family are. That is where my chosen family are. Yet I also have people dotted all over the globe that I see and feel at home in.

In creating home within myself, it had expanded my feeling of being home.

Home is on this beautiful and magical planet. Home is inside of me. My own safe haven. In the hearts of the people who I’ve met along the way who have touched me. In the hearts of the people whose lives I may have touched.

I receive many beautiful messages about how brave I am to travel. The courage I must have to venture and live the way that I do. I can do this because I carry the sense of home within myself. A sense of love. Openness. Willingness to open up to strangers and connect.

It is through that connection that we create a web of love and that feeling of home. Even in a stranger’s eyes.

This is what gives me courage. Love.

Creating a love inside myself that grows and expands with every loving connection.
Sometimes alone but seldom lonely.

The love you carry inside yourself is what sets you free. In so many more ways than you can even fathom.

And for this reason, I have pieces of my heart and a little piece of home, all over the world.



Home Is Where the Heart Is

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