turning pain into purpose



Turning Pain into Purpose

Some of my most profound growth and deepest learning have come from places of pain and intense darkness.

At the moment, life may feel uncertain. It may feel scary.

We are walking into the unknown.

To willingly step into the unknown can shake you to your very core.

We can find ourselves in a space of heavy resistance.

Resisting change.

Resisting feeling.

We distract ourselves with, frankly, whatever we can to not have to lean into the pain. To not have to feel it.

Whatever your vices may be… Whether that pain is in your past, your present, or even your fears of pain and suffering in the future.

But what happens when we sit in pain?

When we invite it in?

Let it be?

Not letting it consume us, but just offering a safe space to hold that pain, a container.

A container for expression.

That pain starts to dissipate, it starts to ease and soften and melt into you.

It is no longer an active suppression, a locking away of fears and demons, it is inviting those demons in and offering them a place to dance.

The cycles of healing come around like the seasons of life.
Peeling back, layer by layer. Each time shedding an old version of self. An old paradigm. An old belief system.

Each time, with every layer, feeling lighter.

It is a journey.

We simply experience it differently. We start to bear witness to it rather than let it drag us down, suffocate us.

We watch, we hold space, we allow.

Trust. Surrender. Allowing.

Allowing the unfolding and unravelling of our deepest pain and alchemising it through the art of surrender.

As soon as you lean in, and come face to face with your demons, they become less and less scary. They hold less power over you.

They become less scary because each time you face them, you become a little braver, a little more courageous.

If you are finding that old demons are coming up at the moment to re-introduce themselves, I invite you to allow them in. Dance with them.

Let them show you where you can lean in with love.
Where you can soften…
Where you can draw boundaries…
Where you can support yourself…
Where you can create a feeling of safety within yourself.

I ask you, please, do not be hard on yourself for not being ‘healed’ for the truth is, healing is a journey, a beautiful unfolding, a series of death and rebirth. It is infinite flow and becoming.
It is a funny time, calling for many of us to turn inward and focus on our inner world.

Our experience of our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world. So if at this time, you are being asked to go inward, melt, surrender, soften and allow the process.

Don’t get lost in it and give it the power to force you to your knees, instead, bow to it with integrity and grace.



Turning Pain into Purpose

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