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what is abundance

Abundance is breathing in fresh air, filling your lungs with life force.Abundance is picking fruit from the trees and savouring every drop of juice as you devour it.It is spending time in Mother Nature, feeling into her inherent abundance. Abundance is gazing at the sun as it sets and rises, admiring every shade of red […]

Abundance is…

womb alchemy

How much do you know about womb alchemy? To be reborn we must step into the darkness. To plunge into the depths that the light cannot reach. The dark, velvety womb from which all life is born… A return to the darkness from which life is created. To know yourself is to know your darkness. […]

Womb Alchemy

wild woman archetype

The wild woman within. The wild woman lies dormant within you, Frothing. Foaming. Biting. Writhing. Dying. Dying to be unleashed. Liberated from the constraints of what a woman ‘should be.’ Locked within a prison of her own body, breaking loose from the fiery flames of the internal hell she has been forced to live within […]

There is a Wild Woman Who Lies Within You

feminine energy healing

Kiss Me at the red lights, kind of love. That can’t get you close enough even though you are inside me, kind of love. The most intense ecstasy running through my veins just from you being inside me, kind of love. That ride or die, kind of love. That cocaine pulsing through our bloodstream, kind […]

A Poem: Love Addiction

the moments in between

Those in between moments…  The space between the goals, the to do lists, the relationships, the career moves, the adventures…  Those simple moments where nothing of note is happening, but you find appreciation in that space…  …in those feelings between the happenings..  those moments…  the space..  …The in between…  The small things and the present […]

The Moments In Between

finding freedom

Freedom… What does that look like to you? What does it taste like? Smell like? How does it move? How does it feel? Does it feel like snowflakes melting on your skin? The sound of snow crunching under each footstep? Does it taste like salty sun-drenched skin, frolicking barefoot on white sandy beaches as the […]


self loving

When you look into my eyes, What do you see? How clearly do you see yourself? Your beauty, your wonder, your cosmic creation. Your magic, your vibrance, your soul. Crashing into a thousand stars, amongst galaxies unknown. Stardust incarnate, in human form, waiting dormant to unleash its radiance unto this world. How clearly are you […]

When You Look into My Eyes, What Do You See?

divine partnership

Can you sit in stillness,⁣ And allows the tears to flow?⁣ Can you be in your body,⁣ And feel the breeze that blows?⁣ ⁣ Can you lean into darkness,⁣ And allow yourself to fall?⁣ Can you see through eyes of compassion,⁣ And accept yourself for all?⁣ ⁣ Can you shine your heart so brightly,⁣ That […]

A Poem: To Your Human

Let the rain fall. ⁣ Let it wash over me. ⁣ Wash away the pain. ⁣ The pain of knowing. ⁣ Knowing that I lost myself in the eyes of another soul. ⁣ ⁣ Clearing the air. ⁣ The air that moves and flows. ⁣ The flow of life. ⁣ Life that we try so […]

Waters of Life

Just as the winds change, As the clouds twist and turn, Reforming and reshaping constantly, As do our emotions. The power of the wind. The power of rage. The power or fully feeling your anger. Giving yourself full permission to let it pulse through your veins as your heart beats so fast it feels like […]

The Power of Wind

Self Love 
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