embodied feminine power



Embodied Feminine Power

Embodiment, and your embodied feminine power, is so much more than feeling epic and sexy dancing in your underwear!

While it can be that, yes, and that in itself is divine. To me, embodiment is a vibration.

A transmission.

An energy.

A pure expression of what it is to be fully ALIVE.

A pouring of the holy and divine, into your being and expressed through your body.

To be embodied is to be grounded in your personal truth & integrity with radical self-acceptance.

It is not looking outside of yourself, yet rather knowing that you have everything you could possibly need and more within you. Knowing that in you lies an immense embodied feminine power.

It is a remembering of who the fuck you are and the willingness to express in each moment…

Leaning more and more deeply into truth and love.

To be so utterly comfortable in who you are, with your heart, your body, every facet of your being.

To remember that you are so much more than your physical body, yet it is a profoundly powerful tool to bring the non-physical into the physical.

To birth creations, to constantly rebirth new aspects of yourself…

To connect to the cycles and flows of life and the interconnectivity between all life, all creatures, all things.

To connect to the cycles of your body, the cycles of life and allow them to guide you, to take you deeper, spiralling through the stages of growth and expanding…

As comfortable in your descending as you are when ascending…

That is why I fucking love what I do.

Witnessing that transformation within myself and taking that to my clients and watching them love & embrace & liberate themselves is the most delicious gift!



Embodied Feminine Power

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