signs of divine timing



You are always supported.

Noticing the signs of divine timing is a conscious practice.

God is always mapping out pathways and orchestrating routes for you.

Your freedom to choose remains.

But when we choose, when we make a choice, it is always what we need in that moment.

Whether we choose the hard route or the easy route, we are always supported.

A friend shared with me a recent difficult situation that she had to make a big choice. Today, she received confirmation that if she had chosen the other path, that there was support there for her.

I have been reminded of this many times over the past few months. I’ve been standing at a crossroads, needing to make a choice, and as soon as I got clear, made the decision, committed to myself, my deepest desire, honouring it fully, everything aligned as if by magic.

It was a potent reminder that we can’t get life wrong.

We always have a choice.

Even when we think we have no choice, there is always a hidden path, equally supported, perhaps covered in leaves and dust, harder for us to see, but it is there.

To explore, to be curious, to trust, to have faith and surrender, to know we are so so so supported in every moment.

When people think of “God having a plan for you”, yes there is a plan… a plan that you co-created and set the intention for before you came into physical form, but human incarnation is to experience duality, to experience polarity, so we have the spectrum to choose from. There are many paths laid out for us, many checkpoints, whether we choose to listen is up to us.

The journey unfolds as a result of our own free will.

One of the most challenging things I have experienced is shifting my mindset away from my programmed loops.

Raising my vibration from depression to joy was hard. It was devotion. It’s a dedication to knowing life was meant to be more. It was a choice.

It’s knowing that you came here to experience ecstatic joy, pleasure, love and abundance, & all of that is accessible to you in each moment, starting with a choice.

And when you make that choice, when you notice signs of divine timing, trust & remember that the entire universe is conspiring to support you in your joy.



You are always supported.

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