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Attracting and Claiming Financial Abundance

2022 is a year for spiritual women making serious money, to attract financial abundance! Or I should say, *even more* women…

Looking at my feed as 2021 came to a close, I was blown away and in deep reverence for the number of women I witnessed become millionaires & multi-millionaires through their devotion to their soul service.

Women who are in their purpose.
In their power.
In their sex.

Powerful, fucking soul on fire women making serious money.

And I am in full celebration of this.

Not just celebrating women in their financial success (while that IS needed).
But celebrating that these women are making moves from a deeply aligned place.

A sovereign place.

AND making a lot of money in doing so.

And you know what this means?

That it is ALSO possible for me, for you and for anyone else who wants to claim the desire to make millions from a sovereign place. To attract financial abundance.

I truly believe that this is the new paradigm.

Where making millions gets to be soulful, sexy and fun.

Ripping down the old paradigms of stepping over others, in a suit, tied to a desk all day, working all hours of the night.

So many of us who have taken the spiritual path have also learned to reject money or even the desire for money, believing it takes away from your service.
Believing that it’s wrong to charge what you desire for spiritual services…
Believing that charging at all for spiritual services is questionable.


When people invest in you, they are investing in themselves.

In their transformation.

That financial investment is an energetic claim of “this is what I want and this is where I am going.”

The energy exchange is a powerful exclamation to the universe and to God of, this is who I am becoming, and I am ALL IN.

Investment is an invitation into people owning their self-worth and offering an opportunity to dissolve any of the thoughts/patterns/beliefs that have prevented us from claiming that worthiness…

Honestly, I had never really aspired to be a millionaire because of the way I had seen others make millions.

The conditions and beliefs around the morals of people with a lot of money were strong, and I realise how much judgement I had been holding around people with a lot of money.

I’d spent the majority of my early-mid 20s around incredibly wealthy people & multiple millionaires, but it was incredibly rare to meet a millionaire who was deeply connected to their heart and letting THAT lead be what leads the way to their millions.

Let alone a woman!!

Let ALONE a woman making millions through empowering & inspiring other women to rise WITH them!!

And now this is shifting.

I am getting to witness real-time, friends of mine… women I actually have the pleasure of knowing… women in my field…that it IS possible.

It is possible to make a lot of money, being deeply in service, making waves of change, doing incredible things for humanity AND being embodied, leading with heart, connected to their sexuality and exuding radiance & health, fun and play, leading the feminine way.

Deep bow & reverence to all of these incredible & inspirational women for pioneering this change.


for 👏🏽 owning 👏🏽 it 👏🏽

It is brave, courageous and oh so needed.

Feeling the turn on & activation in this witnessing and feeling so inspired!




Attracting and Claiming Financial Abundance

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