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Authentic Primal Expression

Authentic expression through movement and connection to your body.

This is something that I am relishing exploring more. Every time I peel back a layer, my next experience goes deeper. It is never-ending, and that fascinates me.

At an ecstatic dance, I attended in Bali, I could not wipe the smile from my face watching everyone dancing in ecstasy. Expressing their purest version of themselves.

Exploring where their bodies wanted to move, and how.

It felt primal. Everyone, sweating and dancing and smiling and jumping and moving.

It was especially beautiful watching groups of men come together and F U L L Y express themselves in this almost animalistic, caveman type way. Without fear or judgement of themselves or others. Stripping it right back to pure energy.

Women expressing their sensuality in a safe space with fluid and undulating movements, not performing for anyone, just moving because it felt good.

People connecting purely through energy, eyes meeting, without words, sinking and melting into each other.

Sounds of pure expression, yelping, shouting, chanting, grunting, celebrating, burst into the space throughout the session over the bellowing music.

The energy was electric. It was touching, it was joy, it was love.

It pressed me to question when people aren’t given this safe space for expression, how honestly are people expressing themselves? How much do we not permit ourselves to be free in our bodies, in our voices, our choices?
How deep does it run?

And what would the world look like if we lived in this safe space of freedom and pure expression from the heart?



Authentic Primal Expression

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