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When You Look into My Eyes, What Do You See?

When you look into my eyes, What do you see?

How clearly do you see yourself?

Your beauty, your wonder, your cosmic creation.

Your magic, your vibrance, your soul.

Crashing into a thousand stars, amongst galaxies unknown.

Stardust incarnate, in human form,

waiting dormant to unleash its radiance unto this world.

How clearly are you willing to see yourself?

You are God.

You are divine.

Every inch of you in your very essence is Godly.

Made by the hands of God, every part.

How can you not believe in your magic, when every cell, so intricate, so detailed exudes it?

You are a living work of art, a masterpiece.

When you look into my eyes and stare deep into your reflection,
What do you see?

For I am you and you are me.

Together we exist,


In unity.

Everything and nothing.

The beauty in duality.

Perfect as the harmony,

In an orchestral symphony.



When You Look into My Eyes, What Do You See?

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