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Your Purpose Is Calling

Things took a huge shift for me in terms of my career path through my self-exploration journey. From modelling and hair and makeup to a healer and movement medicine woman!

Seeds that had been planted along the way are now coming to fruition… What I am finding is that the things that are pulling me now, modalities, tools and teachings, are all things that have tried to get my attention before, multiple times, yet I was so caught up in myself and my external world, that I didn’t recognise them as guidance or wayfinding, I just witnessed them as thoughts and forgot about them.

The more I have delved, and indeed am delving into learning and giving air time to the things that are now catching my attention such as psychology, Tantra philosophy, embodied movement, energy healing. I find, the more I am creating, painting, writing, dancing, playing… The more I am reminded of moments throughout my past that these things were screaming at me, but I just didn’t pay them attention.

Many of the things I have incorporated into my practice and healing modalities were solidly rooted in my passions as a child. I loved to sing and dance, to make potions and get dressed up. I was convinced that I was a white witch and, courtesy of Matilda, Practical Magic and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, would end up having magic powers. Turns out, my child self knew the power we hold within each of us!

So I’ve ended up, essentially, going full circle. Revisiting those things and diving in. Now I am open to listening and taking action.

This little share from me is to encourage you to take notice of the little sparks. The gentle calling from things that keep coming up for you is your higher self trying to guide you on your journey. Even if you don’t feel ready to act on them just yet, take notice. Sit with it.

It will keep calling you until you listen. Yes, I needed to not listen at the time to allow me the gift of recognition in the now. The gift of the journey is just as valuable as my listening at the time.

But now I recognise this is a repeating nudge, it feels even juicier. I feel even more driven to commit and explore every avenue of it.

What is calling you?

What parts of yourself have you been ignoring?

Time to shine, Baby.



Your Purpose Is Calling

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