embodiment of feminine



Embodied Liberation

When you empower yourself to embody your desires,

To honour them fully.

To devote to them, commit to them…

To embody the King you’ve always dreamt of would save you.

The moment you learn to hold your own feminine wild, in deep presence, reverence, commitment, is the moment you set yourself free.

You realise you no longer need to look outside of yourself to feel fulfilled, worthy, loved.

You realise the power was always yours.

The choice was always yours.

The purpose of a relationship becomes an invitation to deepening rather than a dependence on fulfilment through the body of another.

Two bodies, whole, holy, divine.
Separate in their togetherness,
Bound by love, committed to a journey of unfolding and unlearning,
A return to cosmic creation.

No more looking outside of yourselves to “be made whole again”.

My love, you were always whole, the moment you remember that reclaim that, you embody your wholeness and become unshakable in your magnetism, your essence.

Your depth is what grounds you, anchors you into the portal of presence & possibility.

Everything from that point becomes expansion.

An evolution.

Sparked by the curiosity, rooted in your depth & capacity to hold yourself in love, through it all.

A divine expression living through you.

Experiencing the fullness of life, through its experience of self.

A remembrance to the cosmic being, radiant light-worker, divine being you always were, that you always will be.

To the part of you that never changes.

To the part of you that is infinite.



Embodied Liberation

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