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Your Authentic, Embodied Expression is a Permission Slip For Others

The more you step into your authentic expression, you liberate others just through BE-ING!

You serve as an expander in their field.

The embodiment of what is possible.

Without all the ‘ick’ that comes with it from our conditioning.

Shame, guilt, fear that we thought ‘should’ come with the things we desire.

When someone else shows us what it can look like to not carry those associations,

We expand.

We expand past our perceived limits because we are aware of what IS possible.

The other day I went on a solo adventure to a waterfall for some deep replenishing.

I didn’t feel fully safe venturing alone to the highest point to the waterfalls (of which there were 3) and the access point was vertical rock scrambling, the thoughts crossed my mind “what if I fall, no one will know I’m here, I don’t know how popular this is etc etc”

Usually, I wouldn’t be phased, but something was holding me to wait where I was.

I saw two guys and one girl pass me and make their way to scramble the rocks, and something in me said, follow them.

I felt into their energy, and they felt warm, safe, playful.

So in the least creepy way possible, I did! haha

I basically followed them all the way to the central pool of this waterfall and asked if I could join them.

They welcomed me in.

After jumping and playing, laughing, talking & swimming, we decided to make videos & pictures of our experience.

For my turn, I wanted to be naked.

So I stripped.

Butt naked.

Unwaxed, unshaven, unencumbered.

Feeling so at ease in my body, so comfortable, so safe, so natural.

Then… everyone else decided to get naked for their shots too.

Liberated. Free. Expressed. Daring. Wild.

It was beautiful.

Through following my authentic desires & expression, and being fearless in it, without fear or judgement, made everyone else feel safe enough to lean further into theirs.

And they did the same for me, the way they laughed and played and joked together gave me permission to lean further into those aspects of myself.

As a society, we have sexualised bodies to only be reserved for sex. But, we ALL have them.

“We all have the same parts but organised differently” – Emily Nagnoski, Come as you are

So why the shame?

We have been taught to hide, taught to cover up, taught that pleasure is wrong, that our bodies are for the enjoyment of others, not for our own pleasure, our own enjoyment.

This post, yes, was inspired by an instance of actual nudity…

But let us ask ourselves… How can we get more naked in our expression?

How can we be more comfortable in our authenticity?

How can we strip back the layers of societal and religious programming and return to a state of pure expression?

Of sexual innocence?

To celebrate our bodies?

To love them?

To lean into every aspect of ourselves and liberate others through our own embodied expression??

Your embodiment is a gift.

A permission slip to aid and inspire others in their own liberation.


ALL of you.

Trust in that.



Your Authentic, Embodied Expression is a Permission Slip For Others

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