shadow work



Getting Stuck in Your Story

Shadow side of shadow work…

We must be prepared to face it.

But forcing it throws out the nervous system.

We can re-traumatise our systems and get stuck in a loop of old timelines that no longer serve us.

We must be tender with ourselves.

Presence is the portal.

Practising feeling…

Practising processing…

Practising being present with what is alive inside…

Tending to it…



Giving life to what is there so it may be witnessed and release its stronghold.

Your depth of feeling is a gift, my love…

It enriches life so fully.

So beautifully.

How can we tend to our inner world, without shame, or guilt or making parts of us wrong?

Yet honouring who we were, who we have been, our wounds, our shadows, and make love to them?

Get intimate with them?

Tend to them in grace?

Then once you witness them, allowing them to unfold

You get to choose your new story.

All the stories that we create around an experience are just that, stories.

They become enmeshed in our emotional and primal response so it feels so real…

But our cortical brain is a master craftsman, working away to help us make sense of our physical experience…

In a way that aligns with the stories and experiences that came before.

The beauty of this is, that when we go into the body when we access the sensations within…

When we understand what stories have been created,

We have the power to create new ones.

We are not bound by our experiences of the past.

We are not bound to play our lives on a loop.

We get to create our own story, where we are the Hero, the Star…

How yummy does that sound?



Getting Stuck in Your Story

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