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The Day I Declared Myself a Sex Witch

When I was 15, I branded myself as a witch, without realising.

I got a tattoo of a 5 point star, right on my bikini line.

Essentially, I branded myself as a sex witch!

And here we are!!

Sex Magic, crystals & sage – oh my!

And the funny thing about tattoos that I didn’t realise at that time,

Is that as soon as you brand your body with symbolism, your being integrates with the vibration of that symbol. 

You become the embodiment of the meaning behind it.

As I got older, as the decision was pure impulse and rebellion,

I started to reject this tattoo, not fully understanding its meaning, its symbolism.

In Wiccan beliefs this represents the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water & Spirit.

And suddenly, everything made sense, and I dropped into a space of radical acceptance & love for this tattoo.

I just love how it has come full circle and truly evokes a deep trust within me that everything happens for a reason…

Even if it doesn’t fully make sense in the moment, that everything we experience is here to show us how we can radically step into a space of self love &acceptance.

Accepting all parts of us, all elements.

Claiming our magic.

Alchemising our pain into purpose.

Claiming our power.

Our choice.

Staying curious about our inclinations, our experience, & being willing to step into radical honesty with self as to where we are holding ourselves back by claiming a reality that isn’t resonant with our truth.

How we frame things, what we claim, what we choose to see is what creates our reality.

We can choose to see chaos or we can choose to see opportunity.

The power is in how we choose to see it, the meaning that we give to it.

Sometimes our mind loves to resist this, offering all the reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t do something,

Because what is on the other side is unknown.

It is pure potentiality.

& that can be scary.

So my love, I invite you to reclaim your sacred elements, your sovereignty, your freedom.

And choose who you want to be.

Declare it now. 

And so it is.



The Day I Declared Myself a Sex Witch

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