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During periods of isolation throughout 2020 I often found myself deep in thought about what it all means.

Reflecting on what we are being shown.

What is our outer world is reflecting back to us?

What we are being asked to take note of?

After all, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

Yet sometimes our inner world is so hard to see because it lies beneath layers of thick clouds of subconscious programming and patterns, loops that keep repeating. Our existence, running like a well oiled machine, while we live, blissfully unaware of our own potential, our true power that lies within as we can be so accepting of being stuck in our current reality.

So I invite you to ask yourself:

How am I feeling at this moment?

If you are feeling distrust towards your governments and the systems we have in place, ask yourself where you can lean in to trust. To learn to trust ourselves, our own judgements. Use our own discernment.

If you are feeling judgemental towards others or yourself… Where can you lean into grace? Compassion? Where can you be kinder to yourself?

If you are feeling suffocated and stuck… Where can you create freedom in your life? What can you adjust to create space? To lay foundations for the life you want to live? The world you want your children to grow up in.

If you are feeling scared of the unknown… Where can you bring your awareness away from projections into the future, and where can you focus more on the present moment?

Not only is this a time where humans, world wide, have united in solidarity, and connected to our foundation of oneness, but it is also showing us where we can connect more deeply with ourselves.

Our desires.

Our power.

Power to ignite change. To make a difference.

Through recognition of self we empower ourselves with choice.

The choice to make a change, to stop running the same loops on repeat.

The choice to step into your chosen reality.




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