Waters of Life

Let the rain fall. ⁣

Let it wash over me. ⁣

Wash away the pain. ⁣

The pain of knowing. ⁣

Knowing that I lost myself in the eyes of another soul. ⁣

Clearing the air. ⁣

The air that moves and flows. ⁣

The flow of life. ⁣

Life that we try so hard to control, that in doing so we lose the very control we tried so desperately to have. ⁣

Fingertips digging in,⁣

Desperately clutching and scraping to hold on. ⁣

To hold on to what we know. ⁣

The familiar. ⁣

Afraid to fall into the unknown. ⁣

What if?⁣

What if we chose to free fall through life?⁣

To surrender, to trust, to fall?⁣

Truly, madly, deeply,⁣

Into the arms of God. ⁣

Into the arms of the universe. ⁣

Waiting, patiently for our full surrender,⁣

So it can catch us and catapult us into a whole new realm. ⁣

A whole new, extraordinary life. ⁣

The extraordinary life that our soul craves,⁣

Begs for.⁣

Yearns for. ⁣


Our ego. ⁣

Trying to manipulate time and space. ⁣

Trying to implement control so that we may feel safe. ⁣


Do we truly feel free?⁣

Can we truly be free if we are so comfortable in safe that we are afraid to fall?⁣

Clinging to the safety of the shore,⁣

Unaware of the ocean of pleasure and joy and love,⁣

That we have barely dipped our toes into.⁣

Waist deep in waters that we were meant to fully immerse ourselves into. ⁣

Allowing ourselves to be enraptured by its touch and embrace. ⁣

Hold our breath,⁣

Trusting our body will carry us to where we were meant to be. ⁣

Trusting the currents of the ocean will guide us into divine discovery. ⁣

Turn after turn. ⁣

Discovering new depths, new wonders, so divine that our human minds can’t even comprehend them, let alone dare to dream them. ⁣

What if we let the waters of life cleanse us?⁣

Guide us. ⁣

Show us. ⁣

Show us how to live from the heart. ⁣

Guided by our soul. ⁣

Carving the path for us with the sheer power and magnitude and strength. ⁣

Allowing us to create waves through simply existing. ⁣

Trusting. ⁣

Expressing. ⁣

Allowing. ⁣

Allowing the unfolding of a cosmic life. ⁣



Waters of Life

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