The Power of Wind

Just as the winds change,

As the clouds twist and turn,

Reforming and reshaping constantly,

As do our emotions.

The power of the wind.

The power of rage.

The power or fully feeling your anger.

Giving yourself full permission to let it pulse through your veins as your heart beats so fast it feels like it is about to burst out of your chest.

Letting it pulse through your body, awakening every one of your senses.

A storm within.

Keep it within and it will cause destruction.

Hold another responsible and it will cause equal destruction.

It is not their storm to bear.

Harness its power however and alchemise it into passion, can spark an awakening.

How many of us move through life shaming anger?

We are told as children it is not an amiable quality or accepted emotion to express.

Silenced in our raging expression.

Not giving ourselves permission to feel it, locking it away, pushing it into our shadows,


“That’s not what good boys do.”

“That’s not how good girls behave.”

Harness its power.

Summon it.

Give it space to blow through you and enliven you, reminding you of how deeply you are able to feel.

Evoke the power of Kali.

Burn everything to the ground that isn’t serving you.

Shout, scream, give it a voice.

Dance, channel it, give it movement.


Anger itself isn’t good or bad, it simply is.

It is an indication of where you can move more into alignment with your soul.

What are you attached to that is outside of you?

Who did you give so much of your energy to that you actually gave away your power?

Anger just is.

And sometimes, it just feels fucking good.

To break out of the cage of your own mind and just express it!

Be primal with it.

To feel fully is to be truly alive.

That doesn’t just come from the highs and the pleasure.

It comes from fully feeling the spectrum of our emotions.

Allowing the winds to blow, to change. To cleanse and to move us.

Allowing the lightning to crack you open and the thunder to shake you to your core.

Loosening the things that have no place in where you are moving to.

To open you up, to feeling.

You cannot catch the wind. Wind turbines can only harness and channel its energy to create power.

The wrath of the storm.

Let that storm make a home in your vessel and it is sure to cause destruction.

Allow it space to move through you, to awaken you, to the cyclical change that is occurring within, the power and the passion you can create from this.

Honour EVERYTHING that lies and moves within you.

Everything that is present.

That is freedom.



The Power of Wind

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